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wakex2wake 08-05-2008 9:40 AM

any tips... <BR> <BR>i'm afraid it's going to be a steep learning curve... <BR> <BR>seen one thrown by tino on a local ride spot here and it looked like he came out of the raley really early and almost delayed the spin... <BR> <BR>i'm looking for things to do before the attempt as well (obviously being able to do a raley and a 3 are critical)... i'm not the a-hole throwing this one either btw i'm just gonna try to help coach it later this week

knarbar 08-06-2008 2:32 PM

Id say start by throwing a raily and landing switch. Basically a krypt. Once you get that down throw the railey and yes pull the handle in earlier than usual. When you pull it make sure you yank it as close to the small of your back as possible. If you can pass the handle comming out of the ralley it should iniate the 3. Prob best to try this trick on a LIPPY wake that will throw you more up than out

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