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greatdane 04-02-2003 4:57 PM

The headline from the latest BU "just ride" advertisement in Wakeboard Magazine. <BR> <BR>So, it seems that Malibu embracing their "rampy" reputation. Also in the ad... <BR> <BR>"Huge, rampy wakes in nothing flat"... <BR> <BR>Personally, I think they would be much better off playing the fuel efficiency angle. <BR>

greatdane 04-02-2003 5:15 PM

Ah marketing... <BR> <BR>I just got an email from CC asking me to check out their boat review video: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.correctcraft.com/images/VideoGallery/Super%20Air%20210%20Team.wmv" target="_blank">http://www.correctcraft.com/images/VideoGallery/Super%20Air%20210%20Team.wmv</a> <BR> <BR>Funny thing is... <BR> <BR>- The reviewer dude goes on about how the wake is great because it is not too steep "like a wall". <BR> <BR>- Then the CC rep says "the name of the game in boating is storage" and he proceeds to brag about the observer seat storage. <BR> <BR>Geeze. Pass the doobie.

dakid 04-02-2003 5:19 PM

If you talk to ANY rep from ANY manufacturer, they, too, will feed you bullcrap.

greatdane 04-02-2003 5:46 PM

Yes, Joe, but REP talk is cheap. <BR> <BR>These are expensive advertisements trying to spin their negatives. I find it interesting. In a way, it acknowledges their negatives. This is a big plus for me because I figured they were in denial.

ofwc 04-02-2003 5:59 PM

I have an '03 VLX with MLS and the Wedge 23. Coming from an X-9, it's hard for me to consider the VLX wake "rampy", unless you just think of a ramp as something that throws you way up into the air! <BR> <BR>I also ride behind a heavily weighted '95 Nautique Super Sport with the same hull as the current Super Air 210, and prior to deciding on the VLX, I demoed an '02 Super. <BR> <BR>It's hard for me with my newly acquired ownership goggles to give the 210 any real wake or other advantage over the VLX. This is really unusual because the VLX was third on my list until right before I pulled the trigger! <BR> <BR>I don't know if it's "rampy", but I know what I like!

greatdane 04-02-2003 6:35 PM

Rampy is not necessarily bad. <BR> <BR>Huge and rampy is great. However, usually this comes with a cost of more ballast and gas (or the wedge). <BR> <BR>Many people love the "friendlier" rampy wake. I have heard this from pros and beginners.

westsidarider 04-02-2003 7:15 PM

the new wedge is bada$$. its not rampy if u weight the rest of the boat correctly.fill the MLS and put another full sack in the nose and you get a nice wake. add some more weight evenly and its gets huge

dakid 04-02-2003 7:26 PM

Uh, adding weight in the front makes it rampy, even w/ the new Wedge. Try adding weight in the back to the rest of the ballast, without adding any up front. Talk about a non-rampy wake! <BR> <BR>Dane, yeah, REP talk is cheap. It just seemed like you were singling out CC reps.

ralph 04-02-2003 7:39 PM

These marketing guys aren't stupid, for them it's easier to try and convince the dumb customer that there boat has "great storage" than get the manufactures to actually design a boat with great storage.

dakid 04-02-2003 7:45 PM

"than get the manufactures to actually design a boat with great storage." <BR> <BR>I'm guessin' you're not aware of the fact that CC designed AND produced a "boat with great storage." It's the 226.

ralph 04-02-2003 7:56 PM

Have you seen the wake behind the 226? I saw some video of it and it was horrible, small and crappy. Haven't had the opportunity to ride it tho. Pretty sure it's not in the same class as the 210.

steveaz 04-02-2003 7:58 PM

Hmmmm, I guess that depends on what rope length you're talking Joe. Without enough weight in the front the effects of the wedge are negated as the effective angle is changed. There are many ways to configure the VLX for a rampier, or steeper wake. Doing it while maintaining storage, performance, and economy is a little harder. Weight the piss out of the back and you loose all 3. <BR> <BR>I regularly ride a 2002 VLX that doesn't have the wedge. Runs about 4-500 on each side of the engine and 700 in the bow. Planes pretty well but is definitely a RAMPY wake, although pretty firm. However, a lot of storage space is lost and as far as size goes...pretty good but not huge and couldn't tell you about fuel usage. <BR> <BR>We could argue these points all day...me, I'll stick with the wedge unless the boat is heavily weighted (>3500 #'s with people) and retain the storage, performance, and reasonable economy.

dakid 04-02-2003 8:08 PM

Steve, my buddy has an '03 VLX. You'll get to check it out at WSSR.

steveaz 04-02-2003 8:16 PM

Are you talking about Henry (if I remember right)? If so I've seen that boat (nice boat by the way) but I think he was running stock at the time. What's he running now? <BR> <BR>Or are you talking about Buffalow? If so I want to check out that tower and how does he weight his? <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> <BR>

dakid 04-02-2003 8:18 PM

I'm talking about Henry. He's running more than stock, now...2-300 each side in the back. <BR> <BR>But since you brought up Buffalow, he runs ballast and additional weight in the back...nothing additional up front. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dakid on April 02, 2003)

greatdane 04-02-2003 10:00 PM

My impression of what drives wake production... <BR> <BR>Depth displacement creates a vert wake. <BR>Width displacement creates a rampy wake. <BR>Overall displacement creates wake volume. <BR> <BR>This is why the narrow SAN creates a vert wake with ease. <BR>This is also why the wide VLX creates a rampy wake unless you sink the tail more.

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