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xxxlair 04-01-2003 6:45 PM

I was thinking about putting 2 neons under in my boat on the side of the gunwhale. I thought it would make for some cool indirect lighting at night. Has anybody done this in their boat or have any thoughts? <BR>Thanks in advance

fuel 04-01-2003 8:40 PM

I've done it. It looks really cool at night.

proairrules 04-01-2003 9:33 PM

Me too. In my old '78 thompson sidewinder jet boat. I painted it purple and used purple neon.

hlboatsnboards 04-02-2003 8:18 AM

find the thread called "Pics of stereo systems". You can find it under the Boats and Acc. Discussion board. Once there, find my boat, It is the epitomy of neons in a boat! haha! <BR> <BR>B

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