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Top of the wake? After you leave the wake? etc. 06-13-2001 1:30 PM

I just recently started trying frontrolls. I can land on my board, but I don't get near enough height and I was confused about a couple of things. I take a cut similar to my tantrum cut in that I change edges and stand tall just before the wake. Is this correct? Also, when do you let go of the rope with your back hand? (Top of the wake? After you leave the wake? etc.) Any help would be appreciated.

06-20-2001 6:48 AM

Anyone with suggestions?

06-20-2001 8:46 AM

You want to cut in with more weight on your back foot, ride all the way up the wake, stand tall and tuck. Stay tucked as long as you can and keep 2 hands on the handle as long as you can. Try to over-rotate it and you will land on your toes. Spot the shore when you land and bend your knees.

06-22-2001 8:14 PM

Take a mean cut. Hit the wake like your gonna do the biggest toeside jump you've ever done. Wait!!! Thats how you'll get the height. O.K. now let go with your back hand and throw your head down real hard, go for a grab and keep your handle in the entire trick till you spot the shoreline. At this point you can let the handle out some to slow down your rotation and stomp the landing.

06-27-2001 8:22 AM

Thanks for the help Melanie. I'll try that this weekend and hopefully land one!

06-27-2001 12:23 PM

Hey, no prob.

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