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mossy44 03-31-2003 3:28 PM

right now i have a '02 xstar with a pair of b530's already hooked up. i just bought a set of B60's and was wondering the best way to run more wire through the tower. <BR> <BR>this is gonna be hard to explain, but i will try. this is what i was thinking i might do..... <BR> <BR>1. make the existing hole on the top of the tower (where the wire comes out) a little bit bigger so that i could run another wire through the same hole. <BR>2. take some new speaker wire (with a very long string attached to it) and tie it to the end of the existing speaker wire (unhook it from the B530's). <BR>3. pull the existing wire from the bottom of the tower until the new wire gets through the bottom also . <BR>4. at that point, tie the two wire together at the same ends (the string is currently running all the way through the tower) and pull both wires back to the top. <BR> <BR>think that will work? also, has anyone taken the tower of of a '02 mastercraft and actually seen how the wire runs into the hull? will there be room to run more wire? <BR> <BR>or there was another post showing how somebody hooked the tower speakers up to each other. will that work? here is the post? http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/50176.html <BR> <BR>any opinions or other helpful hints would be great <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mossy44 on March 31, 2003)

xtigeman 03-31-2003 5:34 PM

Very carefully. JK. Hit me up sometime and maybe I can help you. It is really just a patience thing. I ended paying someone for mine.

mossy44 03-31-2003 6:34 PM

what is your new cell phone number. the one i have doesnt work. or maybe i will just call you at home some time. <BR>

xtigeman 03-31-2003 6:38 PM


steveaz 03-31-2003 6:54 PM

...or you could remove the existing wire, drill the holes bigger as needed, put masking tape over any openings, feed a string in one of the top openings, and use a shop vac to suck the string through the bottom opening. Then you can pull both wires through at the same time.

joesell 03-31-2003 8:32 PM

Steve's right. It sounds dumb, but it works great.

bigdad 03-31-2003 11:25 PM

what actually works better than string is dental floss. Just tie a little piece of plastic (from a grocery bag) to one end. This acts like a parachute and helps the dental floss travel through the tower better. Once you have it fed through, tie a piece of string to the dental floss and feed it through, then attach the string the speaker wire. <BR> <BR>String works ok but it has to be really light. It took me about a 1/2 hour to try and feed some twine through and it just wouldn't work. Used dental floss and it took about 1 second.

pjdave 04-01-2003 1:14 AM

yeah that sounds good, we didnt have any wires so we fed a stiffer wire up the tower leg and fished it out the top with a pair of long nose pliers. At the bottom we had to drill a bigger hole through the base plate and hull for every thing to fit <BR>

joesell 04-01-2003 7:23 AM

I used kite string. It took about 15 seconds and it was through.

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