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eviltweak 07-19-2008 9:06 PM

if your going to go through the trouble to where a comp vest why not just where a shirt or nothing

lovin_the_wake 07-19-2008 9:07 PM

for padding I guess

eviltweak 07-19-2008 9:10 PM

i just think its kinda stupid why spend 50$ on a composit vest when u can just use a shirt

waketx05 07-19-2008 9:52 PM

they do help you float to an extent.. some better than others... but they dont meet the USCG standards for keeping a certain weight afloat or pulling a submerged weight in a certain amount of time to the surface

kingskrew 07-19-2008 9:55 PM

'comp' = competition not composite

wakemitch 07-19-2008 10:14 PM

it hurts when you fall vestless. the water slaps. also it still floats you so you dont have to swim. much more comfortable

eviltweak 07-19-2008 10:58 PM

opps sorry about that so is the extra comfort and mobility worth the occassional ticket

wakemitch 07-19-2008 11:09 PM

a sherrif isnt going to pull you over if you have any vest on. how would he know if it was or not unless he saw tag. ive never gotten a ticket for it.

eviltweak 07-19-2008 11:11 PM

ive herd of people getting pulled over i was just wondering

lovin_the_wake 07-20-2008 4:02 PM

for the most part you're not going to get a ticket unless it's some crazy a$$ that has nothing better to do than check to see if all your vests are CGA or not. The I wear a Jet Pilot Core which is the thinnest CGA vest I could find and it floats perfectly. I don't wear comp vests because I usually ride at the lake and with a comp vest on (at least the ones I've worn) I barely float at all. I don't mind wearing one when I'm winching though but I usually winch in 3-6' deep water so it's not that bad <BR> <BR>(Message edited by lovin_the_wake on July 20, 2008)

skateonwater564 07-29-2008 2:13 AM

the dont squeeze you as much as cga vests will they are soo much more comfortable, and riding without a vest can be a hassle. if the board floats away on a fall or something along those lines swimming to it is much easier in any vest.

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