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amcdaniel 03-30-2003 1:35 PM

Im looking at a Skier with 117 hrs on it and very nice condition. Any rants or raves about this boat? Thanks for baring with me while I become educated.

kstateskier 03-30-2003 6:02 PM

I didn't think they built a Skier in '96, I thought the last production Skier was a '94. Is this a Eurof3 Skier? <BR> <BR>The Skiers are great boats. We had a '92 with 1400 hours on it and it ran like a top, never a problem. The people we sold it to are still going with no problems.

amcdaniel 03-31-2003 1:41 PM

You are right, my mistake, it's a 94 and the guy wants 15,900 for it. I booked it at just under 13,000. I noticed two things, it has the older windsheild style and it is fairly narrow.

kstateskier 03-31-2003 9:43 PM

I would bring that price way down. They were built cheaper in '94 as they were slowly getting rid of the design. The windshield does have an older style but it looks good. You can weight this boat down and get a really nice wake out of it. We were really happy with it, almost wish we still had it around. We sold ours for $11,000 with 1400 hours. That boat had 3 tracking fins, a better gel coat, and a more expensive interior. There were some other changes to it for '94 but I can't remember what they are. I would definately recommend the boat, though I wouldn't pay $15,900 for it, as I doubt it is EFI.

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