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inty399 07-16-2008 7:06 AM

what is goin down at the int nationals? thanks

inty399 07-16-2008 9:18 PM

any one? ????

dlwsrider 07-20-2008 5:24 PM

I got second last year with a pretty basic run. <BR> <BR>Grabs down and back, about three grabbed 180's, and a 3 shuv. But I didn't fall, so I got alot of brownie points for that. I garuntee you it will be alot tougher this year.

inty399 07-20-2008 8:36 PM

ya dude. that is what i was thinkin. I have been skatin quite a bit because i hurt my knee. I am hittin stuff like front and back shuvs 90 shuvs off the lip re entry shuvs and wake2wake jumps/grabs. wakeskatin is super fun, i have been doin it for a while and have won state a few times but that is in kansas, not many skaters in kansas. <BR> <BR>thanks caleb

kampus96 07-22-2008 8:37 PM

big flip, 3 flip, w2w 5, w2w late front big, kickflip underflip, shuv late backfoot kickflip. i saw an 11 year do it in the oregon int..crazy.

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