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badzuki 03-29-2003 2:48 PM

Install PP today. Turn on the key and the display lights up but nothing else comes up. Seems like everything else is working. The servo and things. Is something suppose to come on the display? Or do I need to hit a key? Any ideas on what is wrong?

ktm250 03-29-2003 3:17 PM

Low battery voltage? That is usually the cause, sometimes bad ground. You didnít say what type of boat or which engine and there are some wiring issues with different MDC boxes.

badzuki 03-29-2003 4:29 PM

It could be a battery. The boat was winterized and I just thru a battery in quick. As far as connections they should be good. <BR>It is a 99 X-star with the LTR engine. I had to hook the black wire to the gray on the MDC. That is for the RPM and that is the only wire that goes to the MDC. <BR> Do I have to have the engine started to see anything on the display?

s4inor 03-29-2003 6:08 PM

The backlighting on the display goes on, but nothing else? Are the segments of the screen filled with black? I agree with Zedz, it's probably low voltage. Does the servo motor power up (is the knob too tight to turn by hand)?

badzuki 03-30-2003 6:33 AM

The servo motor tightens and does its job. Its just the display. No, There are no segments on the screen filled with black. Just the backlight comes on. PP says that it is suppose to ask you how many hours are on the boat. None of that happens. Does the engine have to be running for pp to display anything?

tcaton 03-30-2003 11:11 AM

Try unpluging the servo motor and then power it up if the display comes on then it will tell you that the battery voltage is to low

bob 03-30-2003 10:20 PM

no the motor does not need to be running if it is wired correctly, mine displays tach (00 of course) and speed with the key in the run (but not running) position

ktm250 03-31-2003 6:04 AM

No the engine does not need to be running...sure sounds like low voltage. <BR>

badzuki 03-31-2003 7:30 PM

Talked to PP today. They said it is definitely not low voltage becuase it only takes 5 volts for the processor and display to work. The servo motor takes 12 volts(the servo motor is working so it is getting enough voltage). He said that there is either a pin on the display plug that got bent over when hooking it up or the display is bad. Well I checked the pins and they are all okay. I will call PP and tell them that tomorrow. Sounds like they will send me a new display. PP is GREAT to deal with and will do anything to get you up and running.

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