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nickk 07-13-2008 3:50 PM

Front Roll <BR> <BR>I think from watching it im apparently leaning way too far foward and dont stand tall enough when i come to the wake. Also you can critique my backroll and tantrum if you would like too haha =). <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sha5CuKlEKY" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sha5CuKlEKY</a>

rmack 07-13-2008 7:34 PM

pop first, then start your roll. That's what helped me. Now I'll over rotate instead of under rotate.

guitsboy 07-14-2008 7:17 AM

Think about popping up. More height, dont worry about making it to the other side yet. Looks like you had the handle in enough, but your legs were totally bent killing your pop.

wake2blake 07-14-2008 8:37 AM

scarecrows are so much easier.

rmack 07-14-2008 3:00 PM

one more thing, the toeside wake is totally washed out. It needs to look like your heelside wake.

nickk 07-14-2008 5:37 PM

yeah its always been like that, how do I make it look like the heelside wake?

nickk 07-14-2008 6:55 PM

I mean, theres been all sorts of weight variations in the boat with 3 to 10 people and im pretty sure the right wake never seems to change.. I dont think so anyways

rmack 07-14-2008 7:41 PM

Try to even the weight in the boat if one side weighs more than the other the wakes will be different. <BR> <BR>When I have alot of people in the boat. I position them so it's as even as possible. I may have to adjust the ballast a little sometimes or move lead around to even out. <BR> <BR>When my wake washes out on a jump, I'm usually eating crap.

k9fxr 07-14-2008 9:24 PM

Eating crap or floating in the salad...private joke

rmack 07-15-2008 10:21 AM

I think eating crap is always better then floating in salad!!!!!!!!!

awake_all_day 08-01-2008 10:47 PM

I noticed that your knees were bent when leaving the wake on all 3 tricks. Make sure that you stand tall through the wake. Obviously you have the technique down but you gotta work on getting up in the air. Make sure you straighten your legs out when you hit the wake. I promise that you will get a lot more hang time!!!

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