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batman 03-29-2003 9:59 AM

Just curious, what's the breakin time before you can start adding serious weight to a new boat? Saw that 10 hours was engine breakin time, but does that include factory ballast?

auto 03-29-2003 6:08 PM

10 hours on the bu.

tclagggym 03-29-2003 10:51 PM

I am picking up my new 2003 SAN on Mon. <BR>and I was also wondering that question. So I <BR>asked my dealer and he said do what ever you want to do just don't run it at the same speed all the time at first. Mix it up slow med fast etc.

forwaken 03-30-2003 7:28 AM

No weight, riding, or constant speeds, as well as the 10 hours on the bu' is what I was told by my dealer. It is going to be some of the longer 10 hours of my life.

byazn 03-30-2003 11:01 AM

My dealer told me that you are ready to ride. The manual said not to exceed 4000 rpm before 10 hours. Well when do you ever goover that in wakeboarding? Also it said to vary your RPM's well if you ride like me you will be stopping turnning around picking me up and get going all over again. So wakeboarding is the best breakin!

socalwakepunk 03-30-2003 12:05 PM

I would avoid weighting your new boat for the first 10 hrs. Even pulling a rider puts a lot of load on the drive. Think of towing a trailer with a new car. Probably be best to wait until after break in (car = 1000 mi, boat = 10 hrs.)

mattbob 03-31-2003 7:14 AM

What damage can be done if you don't break in a boat properly? We are picking up our new (02) X-star Friday and we are dreading the 10 hour breakin. I imagine we will take it easy for 3 or 4 hours and then start boarding, unless there is a good chance of damage. Has anyone ever damaged a boat by not breaking it in properly?

malibudude 03-31-2003 10:37 AM

Mike, <BR> <BR>Indmar recommends the following <BR> <BR>Break-in Steps <BR>1. For the first hour, do not exceed 2000 RPM; vary RPM continuously. <BR>2. For the second hour, do not exceed 3000 RPM; <BR>3. For the next five hours, do not exceed 4000 RPM.After the first ten hours of operation, take your boat to the dealer for its first engine and transmission oil and filter change and engine checkup. <BR> <BR>There are differences between the manufactures concentrate on the rmp break in and follow the procedures for warrenty purposes. To me it's a small price to pay for avoiding engine problems in the future.

3puttwilson 03-31-2003 12:21 PM

My dealer told me to vary the rpms but you could wakeboard at the same speed and get in a set,just not a really long set but a nice set. He said I could use the factory ballast from 10 to 20 hours and then weight it down all the way. He said the main thing was to not go over the recommended rpms and not to ride at one rpm for a long period of time.

wakelvr 03-31-2003 12:34 PM

We did exactly what our dealer told us to do. For the first 5-6 hours we had no weight in the boat. We chased other boats and did some filming and stuff like that. We made sure not to stay at a steady speed and didn't go over 2500 RPM's the first two hours, and 4000 RPM's the next few. After 6 hours, we added the ballasts and started pulling. I fall a great deal so we didn't have to worry about riding at a steady speed (ha, ha). Around 10 hours we put a little extra weight in the boat. <BR> <BR>We did exactly what our dealer said to do and we also have a 6 year bumper to bumper warranty. <BR> <BR>

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