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sid7 03-28-2003 7:52 AM

Hey guys i know i talked about perfect pass alittle in the I/O wakes thread but i still have questions...I am wondering how much perfect pass will help out on my 190HP, 4.3L, V6 bayliner, and if it would be a good investment. I was wondering if the speed would still bog down a little when i am riding and cut out hard....any suggestions? experience??

bobbymucic 03-28-2003 8:39 AM

I have pp on a merc 4.3 carb w/ an alpha drive on a 19 ft runabout. I run a 19 pitch hi-5 as well. <BR> <BR>PP will definately help you out. As far as a propeller, I would suggest an aluminum 4 blade, 20 pitch. <BR> <BR>I purchased it directly from PP, and I installed it myself. <BR> <BR>I can provide you with photos of the actual servo mounting an linkage to the carb in a week or so... <BR> <BR>Bobby

sid7 03-28-2003 9:02 AM

hey Bobby, thanks alot..I would like those pics it you can post them. <BR>Call me retarted but what does hi5 mean? <BR>Also how do you weight your boat when there are a couple of passengers? how much do you have in the front? <BR>Why a 4 blade 20 pitch prop???

bobbymucic 03-28-2003 12:38 PM

Mercury makes a stainless steel, 5 bladed propeller. Actually the High-five It is expensive at ~400. <BR> <BR>I have run other propellers in the past, such as 3 blades alum, and 4 blade composite (Pirhana). I think a 4 blade aluminum is a good compromise in price and durability. <BR> <BR>You probably have a 3 blade aluminum, 21 pitch (maybe 23?) on drive now. Moving to a four blade will make it easier to hold speed, but it will likely take a few mph off your top speed. <BR> <BR>Here are some of my experiences <BR>23picth 3 blade, top speed 53 mph horrible for skiing and boarding, takes a long time to plane. <BR> <BR>21 pitch 3 blade, much better in planning time, top speed of 50. <BR>20 pitch four blade pirhana ("plastic" with replaceable blades). good planning, top end of 47. But I think it is not as durable..I suspect blades broke from normal wear and tear. <BR> <BR>19 pitch high five get the boat on plane quickly, but my top speed is only 44 mph (the motor reaches redline). <BR> <BR>As for weight, my boat works much better with weight in the front. I tend to have ~250 lbs fatsac in the bow walkway, with 2 people in the bow as well. I also put a ~250 lb bag in the ski locker. Weight in the back doesn't help my out..it causes too much bow rise. <BR>

jmccallum 03-28-2003 12:42 PM

Bobby, <BR>I'm considering a four blade Pirhana for my 18' Four Winns I/O. <BR> <BR>What was your experience with Pirhana?

redden 03-28-2003 1:10 PM

ya, I have one on my 4 winns and it works great. Nice to just change out blades when damaged.

bobbymucic 03-28-2003 1:29 PM

I used a piranha for almost 2 years (~200 hours of engine time). In terms of performance, I thought it was a great propeller. <BR> <BR>My reservations on the propeller come from my experience of blades breaking on two occasions where I don't think anything struck the propeller. I assume that the blades became weak and simple broke off under load. On one of the occasions a blade broke just as I was pulling someone up. <BR> <BR>Also, I don't think blade changing is that easy. They get stuck in there pretty good. Just my opinion. <BR> <BR>

jmccallum 03-28-2003 1:31 PM

Are the Aluminums better than the Pirhanas?

bobbymucic 03-28-2003 1:43 PM

I wouldn't say that they are <i>better</i>. But If I buy another prop, it will be an alum 4 blade. I think they are a good deal. <BR> <BR>I don't think too many other people have experienced what I have with prihana props breaking. <BR> <BR>You'll have to be the judge<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

sid7 03-28-2003 1:47 PM

Bobby, <BR>That is what i was having problems with: plaining time and holding speed. I am thinking of a 4 blade 19 or 20 pitch alumium prop. What do you think?

sid7 03-28-2003 1:49 PM

oh and, top boat speed isnt really a big deal too me, I just wakeboard around 20-22mph..

jmccallum 03-28-2003 1:53 PM

Thanks for your input

bobbymucic 03-28-2003 2:35 PM

What are you running now? <BR> <BR>Even without that information, I think that if you change to a 19 or 20 p 4 blade, you will plane faster, and be able to hold speed better ~20 mph. But it won't hold speed as well as perfect pass. <BR> <BR>Without pp, or when I forget to turn in on, the speed control requires that I make check and adjust (really hard to make those tiny movements in the throttle!) every 30 seconds or so? When I used a 21p 3 blade, it was practically impossible to keep a consistent speed below 22. <BR> <BR>When you talk to marinas and shops, they will usually tell you that you often have to experiment to find the prop that works best for you. Some shops "demo" props. <BR>Check out <a href="http://www.kenyonpowerboats.com" target="_blank">http://www.kenyonpowerboats.com</a> <BR><a href="http://www.kenyonpowerboats.com/alpha1.htm" target="_blank">http://www.kenyonpowerboats.com/alpha1.htm</a> <BR> <BR>I think they had a very good exchange policy on propellers. <BR> <BR>The best thing I found for getting the boat on plane faster is to keep weight in the front. I recently put some weight under the very front bow seat. I haven't tried that out yet. <BR> <BR>

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