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healing 03-27-2003 3:50 PM

I have a Jabsco water puppy #6360-1001 6.5 gallon/min. Has anyone ran these pumps like a reversable pump? I bench tested running about 5 gallons through it both foreward and in reverse by just switch the positve and negative seem to do fine on the bench. Just wanting to know if I will have problems with this pump if I run it as a reversable? Thanks.

aaron_bell 03-27-2003 7:33 PM

Chad, <BR>I bought a couple from Depco in Fl. They have a website listing there phone number and they service and sell these pumps and are great to work with. I know this guys would give you really good information. The told me Jabsco is the best pump and worth every cent even if they are more than Simer. Get what you pay for. I bought the pumps that are reversable, so I can't speak experience, but Depco can.

ghetto 03-29-2003 3:22 AM

I have done the same thing using 15 pumps, at quarter of the price of a reversible you would think you would have problems.I spoke to Jabsco they said that running a standard pump in reverse and then forward causes a large amp spike for a split second I found a 15amp fuse was sufficient. The other point is that it will dramaticaly shorten the life of the pump from 1000hrs to 300hrs or so.Do the maths 10 mins to fill 10 mins to empty each time you go out 4 times a week for 36 weeks 48 hrs of total use a year that means the pumps should last 6 years ie not a problem. <BR>I used auto motive sunroof relays to do the reversing of poles but you could use reversing switches.

healing 03-29-2003 9:49 AM

Thanks Aaron and Mike. <BR>Just curious Mike how long have you been running your system that way? And holy cow man 15 pumps? I guess I won't have to worry about a measley 3 pump system's drain on my charging system will I!

chris_hargis 03-29-2003 5:24 PM

Well, how much did you pay for the Jabsco Water Puppy? I have seen it at a couple of places and they list at about $140 or so. I got two of the Simer 8.5 GPM pumps for $67 each including shipping. They look a lot alike. I now have mine installed using Bosch relays to reverse the polarity and it works great. I looked at the water puppy for a while, but decided reputation and cost were important. Good luck witht eh Jabscos.

ghetto 03-31-2003 9:46 AM

To be honest just finished instaling it.Just about to post pics. <BR>Did run lots of tests pre instal and no problems but we will see what effect the salt water has on the system.

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