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powerpunk20 03-27-2003 12:56 PM

I have a 1988 Sierra Supreme. Great boat for skiing, but no wake for the board. I'd like to try something I've heard of called a wedge? <BR> <BR>Where can I find a Wedge? I think I heard Malibu has this device. Is this a type of "water plow" mounted on the back of a ski boat designed to throw a bigger wake? Is it exclusive to Malibu? Is it something I should consider, etc.?

s4inor 03-27-2003 1:14 PM

The Wedge is designed and manufactured for Malibu's to work with their unique hull design. It can only be purchased through a Malibu dealer, and you must provide a valid HIN to place your order. <BR> <BR>Assuming you were able to buy one (which you probably won't be the case), it will require some modifications to make it both safe to use on your boat and functional.

mastercraft1995 03-27-2003 2:13 PM

They will only sell them to people with Malibu's 94 and newer. I think it is 94 anyway. My friend has a 93 and he can't get one.

s4inor 03-27-2003 5:18 PM

Any boat that uses a derivative of the SV23 hull can be accept a Wedge. The first model is the '93 Echelon.

bcw 03-28-2003 7:03 AM

Just put some weight in the boat. Don't worry about the wedge <BR>

driftwood 04-02-2003 4:46 PM

No way i'd ever ever put a wedge on ANY 88 boat - you'll be makin it an anchor before long - <BR> <BR>Go with wieght and you'll be set <BR>

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