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forwaken 03-27-2003 9:40 AM

Getting my stereo planned out for my boat due in the next few weeks. The stereo shop is suggesting Kove Audio for the 6 6.5's in the tower and a Kove audio 12 inch sub. I am relatively edumacated on stereo equipment, but have had no experience with Kove. They will be powered by two soundstream amps (specific models below) Info on the amps would be appreciated (Sp?) also. I know they have been around, but I have never really heard them. My crew and I are Rockford junkies. I have the option to upgrade to JL or Arc Audio amps, but the dealer suggested that it probably isn't worth it on a boat because of the open air. He has been dealing with boats for 6 years now and he seems to know what he is talking about. Hey stereo guru's tell me what you think. <BR> <BR>Model Numbers and Prices: <BR>Sound Stream Amps <BR>500x4 <BR>Pic 4.880 $475 <BR>400x2 <BR>Pic 2.320 $284 <BR> <BR>Audio Kove Speakers <BR>1 12 inch sub <BR>XK12 $163 <BR>3 sets of 6.5 coaxials <BR>XT6.2 $300 <BR> <BR>Deep cycle Battery and selenoid <BR>$190

typhoon 03-27-2003 9:51 AM

The kove subs are nice. I hate my kove co-axials. The highs are just fair and they distort easily.

doubleup1080 03-27-2003 10:33 AM

Kove makes good equipment. I've never heard their 6.5's, but their subs are impressive. The picasso series amps are excellent quality for the price. I personally think the 1/0 ga. power inputs are sweet. Of course, the Jl and Arc amps are on a higher performance level, you can't go wrong with soundstream. The prices though are kinda high for the amps see if you can work the prices down some. Check the internet and show the shop some prices you have found. They won't always compete with the internet, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

sae4life 03-27-2003 6:20 PM

I'm in the process of buying my system too... <BR>Ended up with the JL amps i think(memphis audio maybe cause the shop I buy from wants to give me a smokin deal). I have never heard any of the Kove speakers but soundstream makes good amps. The price on the coaxials is a little low to me. That means either they are cheap speakers or they probably are not good enough for the spl you are looking for. Go into your stero shops sound room and have the guy crank them up for you and see what they sound like at a high volume. You might be surprised at what you hear. I know I was when i started testing 6's. Good Luck on your system!

r_brown 03-27-2003 9:37 PM

Chad <BR> <BR>I have 4 JL 3way 6*9's in the tower and a kove 12in sub under the drivers seat running off a soundstream 880W amp it sounds sooooo good I was kinda worried at first but now I am stoked.My buddy has the same boat as me and he is running 4 12in subs and 4 6*9's in the tower they are MTX (i think) he has a little more bass but it is not as clean as mine .I think mine sounds alot bettter .I also have 6 -6 1/2in arc audio speakers in the boat and they are loud as hell ,I was going to get the JL's but the arc's sound better,they are louder and in a boat thats what u need .The JL's probally would have sounded better in a car they had more mid bass <BR>but in a boat with all the open are uu want highs <BR>bass is supplied by the 12 and tower speakers <BR>whats the name of the company anyways??? <BR>I know u can get better stuff than this but for the price and what u get its hard to beat <BR>oh ya my 880watt amp was $350 and the 320watt was $ 240 or so <BR>hope this help's bro <BR> <BR>L8 <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>

r_brown 03-27-2003 9:41 PM


forwaken 03-27-2003 11:45 PM

Thanks guys on the prices. I found the amps for about 250 less all together, but he is cutting me a deal for about 100 all together on the speakers. I'll bring him the print out and see if he gives me a lower price. <BR> <BR>R Brown- name of what company? and what Kove Sub do you have. <BR> <BR>Rob- he did crank the coaxials for me and they seem to scream loud and clear. He compared them to JL's and I was impressed

typhoon 03-28-2003 6:47 AM

The arc and soundstream amps are both very nice.

r_brown 03-28-2003 7:13 AM

name of the place u are getting your stereo installed

forwaken 03-28-2003 8:13 AM

R Brown- <BR>Sounds Unlimited in Modesto

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