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06-11-2001 11:45 PM

Rolls are when the board is parallel to the boat. Going the same direction. Flips are when your board is perpidicular to the boat. End over end. I get this. But when doing a back roll do your heels lead the rotation? What I mean by that is do your heels face the sky. Or do your toes face the sky. Im almost positive its your heels, but whats it called when you do it the other way. Ohter way meaning toes to the sky. Probably a frontroll...right? If so then why does a toeside backroll lead with the toes. I understand if it lead with the heels it would be a frontroll. Why is it so confusing. Somebody please shed some light on the subject for me. And how do you do a hs front roll? Is it what i was saying earlier with the toes to the sky?

tantrum, HS front flip 06-12-2001 7:17 AM

By name, there is no HS front roll. Be careful, that is a pretty sore subject around here. Asking how to do a HS frontroll is a sure fire way to get flamed! As far as rolls go, our forefathers were not very technical when they named thse tricks. <BR>Toes vs. Heels to the sky... <BR>Abackroll can be done both ways. Slight variations in body position make these tricks look different, but they are basically the same. A true backroll has toes to the sky. They "mexican" backroll is the same, but with heels to the sky. It looks like a front flip on a trampoline, travelling backwards. <BR>There is no good rule of thumb when looking at the names of wakeboarding tricks. Every rule is broken somehow. Typically a roll spins opposite the direction your going. Think of yourself behind the boat. You are a wheel. As you rotate toward the wake from your right to your left the wheel spins counter-clockwise. This is a flip motion. (tantrum, HS front flip) Now imagine that same motion, but as you are coming towards the wake the wheel is spinning clockwise, opposite the direction it is travelling. This is the motion of a roll. Makes since? Except a TS front roll breaks this rule, DOH!! Again, no good rule defines our tricks. <BR>Some things are best left alone.. ;) <BR> <BR>oh yeah, banish the thought of HS front roll from this day forward. Mention of it here and these guys will never let you live it down. (bad word) <BR>Jason

06-12-2001 8:01 PM


06-12-2001 11:03 PM

Is mexican bad. Thats the way I do them and the way Shaun does them in detention.

06-13-2001 9:09 AM

It isnt bad at all, it is just harder to learn that way in my opinion. A mexican roll is the stepping stone to roll-to-blind and KGB. I make a practice of doing both. <BR> <BR>Good luck, Jason

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