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jjared 03-26-2003 5:01 PM

Has anyone gone with an Acme prop for their X-Star? I am thinking of going with the #381...its the 14x18.1 1/8 prop. Let me know if you've gone with this one or any other and your thoughts. TIA

epeltier 03-26-2003 8:03 PM

I've got a acme prop on my '87 Ski Supreme and haven't had any compliants. It was getting a vibration with the old prop an the acme prop took it right away.

trace 03-26-2003 8:32 PM

there's a #537 13.5x16 i've got my eye on that's supposed to be nice for weighted Vdrives.

ktm250 03-27-2003 7:37 AM

Don't do it! These props were tested by MasterCraft(and rejected)they only slow the boat down. They are worse if the boat is weighted. They make a nice prop but the problem is blade thickness. It is thinner than the stock OJ and therefore flexes more. Go with a stainless if you are looking for more performance...I have used Cutters with good success. IMHO.

sandman 03-27-2003 10:13 AM

Here is a letter I got from Centurion/Fineline when I asked them why they switched to Acme. I'm not sure what makes a MC and different or where Zedz gets his info. There are a lot of people on this board including me who feel their ACME is superior to their previous OJ or Cutter. <BR> <BR>We did do some extreme tests on all of our approved towboats with different props. From the classic OJ 3 and 4 blade all the way to the ACME 4 blade...we tested them all. As far as acceleration and hole shot, their was a slight difference but nothing significant at all except the ACME was better than the other manufactures. We went with the ACME 3 blade over the ACME 4 blade not because of hole shot or top end speed but for wake characteristics. On both our slalom and wakeboard boats we saw a dramatic improvement in the wakes from the 3 blade over the 4 blade. This is why we, went with the 3 blade. Speed still holds the same and the acceleration is still there, and not everyone is using the 4 blade anymore...their is only one company using the ACME 4 blade. If you have any other question feel free to write me back. <BR> <BR> <BR>

ktm250 03-27-2003 11:31 AM

No propaganda there! “Only one company is using the ACME 4 blade…guess who Correct Craft! Anyone want argue wake behind the Correct Craft compared to Centurion? By Finline logic CC should be using a 3 blade to help their wake. Give me a break; you don’t think cost had anything to do with it do you? <BR> <BR>MasterCraft tested the ACME prop and it won all the tests, then when PRODUCTION pieces were ordered and tested in an A-B-A test they placed LAST every time. The key phrase here is “PRODUCTION”. Anyone can build a “ringer” prop. Hard to believe that you didn’t get a letter stating “Well we tested all the props, and the OJ was better, but what the heck…the ACME was cheaper so we went with it. Hope you enjoy your boat.” <BR>

dlb988 03-27-2003 11:51 AM

Malibu is using ACME as well

dlb988 03-27-2003 11:54 AM

Also, <BR> <BR>go to Malibuboatowners.com there are group buys for OJ and ACME props. Save some $$.

captainfreedom 03-28-2003 9:56 AM

Gee, that is funny Bryce. I have a brand new 2003 Tige 22V sitting in my driveway and what do you know - it has a 4 blade ACME prop on it! <BR> <BR>I wonder how that is possible if only ONE company is using the ACME 4 blade???

ktm250 03-28-2003 10:36 AM

Well since the "extreme testing" validated the 3 blade as better your wake must be terrible!

captainfreedom 03-28-2003 10:42 AM

Yeah, it really sucks. The hole shot is also terrible - it only gets up on plane in a few seconds with 2500 pounds of ballast in it.

mikep 03-28-2003 10:48 AM

Brent and I just put a new 13.25 x 16 (modified 13.5 x 16) prop on our Tige' 22V with a 315 HP engine and it's phenominal. We were out yesterday with about 2500 pounds in people and sacks and we got up on plane immediately. I couldn't believe the difference between this new boat and prop and my old 21V with the OJ 14 x 18 prop. The drawback to this great hull shot is that the top speed slows down to about 42 MPHs, but who cares if you are using your boat for boarding. <BR> <BR>The ACME prop has been great for us, and ACME is an awesome company to deal with. They will keep working with a prop until it fits your needs which is the best part.

john_c 03-28-2003 12:05 PM

Does that 22V have the synchrotech? I just got the same boat (with synchrotech) and the dealer said to go with the 14x18 acme prop. The hole shot is awesome, but you're right - you lose at the top end.

mikep 03-28-2003 12:29 PM

Yes, I have the Synchrotech. If you are running a lot of weight in your boat I think it's worth it to lose top speed and gain hole shot. Afterall, aren't we going 22 most of the time? If your not running weight, there is no need for a customized prop. I think I had the 14x18 OJ on my 2000 21V.

trace 03-28-2003 12:32 PM

anyone with experience on how going to a lower pitch affects fuel consumption?

mikep 03-28-2003 12:40 PM

Lower pitch means higher RPMs, so I would imagine higher fuel consumption. That's the price you pay for weighting your boat though.

ktm250 03-28-2003 1:55 PM

Keep the RPM up! If you look at throttle angle vs. rpm in a weighted application you will begin to fuel wash the cylinder walls. Better to burn the fuel and run high rpm than to waste it ruining your engine.

trace 03-28-2003 3:15 PM

no fuel wash with EFI. higher RPM also means less stress on the drivetrain. just wondering if anyone has some experience going from say an 18" pitch to a 16"? thx-

trace 03-28-2003 3:16 PM

... on the same boat, that is.

sandman 03-28-2003 5:00 PM

Brent, <BR>That letter is about a year old. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe Tige picked up ACME until just this year 03'. Also if you have a step down tranny in your V-drive, ACME does not make a 3-blade with enought pitch. Their 3 blades are only made for direct drives and 1:1 trannies. Don't read too much into the letter.

ktm250 03-28-2003 5:05 PM

No fuel wash with EFI? Who are you kidding? Injector timing is based on throttle angle and load (with load determined by a MAP sensor). If you look at the fuel map for the given throttle position when operating a fully loaded wakeboard boat, the engine would believe that it is running up-hill with the anchor out. You need more rpm to get the engine into a more efficient operating environment. <BR> <BR>Your statement would be true if the engine were equipped with O2 sensors so that the ECM could see how rich the condition is. By the way it is coming…with California requiring emissions certification on all engines entering CA after midnight 12/31/02, all engine suppliers are working towards O2s and true closed loop operation. However this will REQUIRE the use of closed cooling systems. <BR>

captainfreedom 03-28-2003 5:45 PM

Bryce, my apologies. I didn't know the letter was old. I think they started in late 02 with Acme. I have been in a 2002 21i Type R with a 3 blade Acme and it was sweet. I have a stainless Cutter 4 blade in my 22i Type R. I hate to say it since Cutter is in my own backyard, but the Acme definitely made a difference. They are great props.

trace 03-29-2003 10:29 AM

Zedz right- i was thinking automotive EFI. the closed cooling requirement for closed-loop EFI is because the O2 sensor won't work if it's wet, right? seems like that could be fixed if the manifolds could be redesigned a bit, and using dual O2 sensors.

ktm250 03-29-2003 4:24 PM

Yes, everyone is working on the solution right now. Can you imagine catalytic converters in a boat? O2s are coming. By the way Indmar is the only supplier currently with their own emissions lab. It is also my understanding that they are the only supplier currently in compliance with California’s new on water emissions regulations (effective 1/1/03 for ANY new boat coming into the state with a build date after 1/1/03).

partyb 03-29-2003 9:32 PM

I have an acme 3 blade and it is wonderful and the company was a pleasure to work with. I honestly have never heard anything bad said about acme.

mobv 03-30-2003 4:59 AM

I just switched from a 4 blade OJ to a 4 blade Acme on my Mobius V. The hole shot is much improved. I haven't checked the top end but I'm sure it is down some. After 2 days on the water I am convinced I will stay with the Acme.

jjared 03-30-2003 5:47 AM

Thanks for the opinions everyone. I am getting the Acme 13.5x17.5 put on the boat Thursday and I am going to get the OJ rebuilt and use it as the spare.

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