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fulltilt429 07-03-2008 8:05 PM

What up... So I went out last Thurs and decided im going to learn a backroll. I cut out and edged in prgressively and threw my feet over my head and damn near landed it, boat swings around me and my boy says.. nice tantrum attempt. <BR> <BR>So i ask what is a backroll than... he says look over your lead shoulder and yadda yadda... needless to say on my 3rd try i nailed.. and clean to. <BR> <BR>So I go out Sat. and ride all day and nailed 4 of 5 backrolls... so im pretty juiced and official say i have this trick bagged. <BR> <BR>I tell some of my boys im nailing backrolls now, and of course to thier skepticism they call me out. <BR> <BR>So we head out to the dirty D on Mon. and sure enough i try about 10 times and just abused myself and didnt land any of them... ok i though im just tired, and its a bit windy. <BR> <BR>We go back out Wed. and sure enough .... same thing 0 of 8 attempts, i riding same speed and length (23mph 80ft.)as when i landed, same boat same everything. <BR> <BR>Why am i all the sudden not able to bust it now? Am i up in my head? pissed off wakegods with my cockiness? Should i focus on learning a new trick and try to come back at a later time? Help please !?

seaswirlmike 07-04-2008 12:32 PM

focus on jumping toeside gotta be able to go both ways.... boooooya ill teach ya on saturday bring some asprin, gas $, and some sun!

aussie_stu 07-05-2008 4:05 PM

your prob thining about it too much, had the same prob with tanny's nailed em, then when the boys came out could bust one, just chill out and they'll be there.

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