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nivyefet 07-03-2008 2:45 PM

Hello guys. <BR>I do waterski in cables and I want start to try air tricks. <BR>So my question is what start to try, railey or backroll and why. <BR>and pls some tips to do the trick. <BR>And also if u have a movie that help me learn the trick so gimme pls. <BR> <BR>Very thx.

nivyefet 07-04-2008 6:23 AM

Answer me guys Please xD

wake_eater 07-16-2008 7:41 PM

go with the backroll. its one of the first inverts most people try. crashes from raileys are some of the roughest.

eyedvride 07-18-2008 1:02 PM

If you have $9.99 you can get all the best coaching and video you want at <a href="http://www.learnwake.com" target="_blank">www.learnwake.com</a> Awesome site, great help. <BR> <BR>Backroll first then railey. Learn the load and release and progressive edge and you'll be set.

hawaiianstiln 07-24-2008 1:34 PM

I honestly think you should stay away from the railey until you have some solid edging as you approach inverts. Solid edging for some of the basic inverts out there (tantrum, backroll, heelside front) will give you an understanding of how to position your body in different ways before attempting a railey. Seems to me lots of people have a hard time with raileys (stargaze, etc..) because the edging isn't stable (or weight control). <BR> <BR>Start trying heelside front flip before a railey. You can almost use a railey edge for this trick. I do.. <BR> <BR>Just my two cents.

pvsawyer 08-30-2008 8:08 PM

Backroll first- the crashes aren't as tough. You can seriously hurt yourself learning the raley. Once you learn the backroll the raley will come quickly.

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