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timsown 07-01-2008 7:29 PM

I ride goofy, and just got my BS 180 dialed. What should I be thinking about to turn this into a 360? Do you land with the handle in your back hand or do you try and get your lead hand back on the handle? I'm locked in on looking at the wake behind me right now, where should I focus for the 3? Any change in my approach or pop off the wake? Should I try and go bigger, or just keep it smooth with less line load? I learned my 180 from inside out, is there enough time to practice the 3 this way or should I just go wake to wake right off the bat? <BR> <BR>Tim

gdhall 07-01-2008 8:58 PM

i've been learning a 3 recently and have landed it several times from the inside out right after the boat starts where the wake is a little bigger from the inside than normal. I still haven't managed to keep the handle though.

bradb 07-02-2008 7:15 AM

Work on doing your bs1's with an early handle pass. Then when you get that dialed, if you pop a good one, just reach for the handle with your back hand and look for the boat. Initially, don't worry about taking it big, but make sure you wait until you are in the air and set your axis before you try to start spinning.

timsown 07-02-2008 10:54 AM

When you say "reach for the handle with your back hand" are you giving a tug with the handle at the same time, or is that last rotation coming from you turning your shoulders as you reach for the handle?

07-23-2008 9:17 PM

When i was trying back ones, i was slamming for about 28mins out of a 30min lesson, my buddy in the boat said just try a bs 3 instead, the guy teaching me said if your gonna do that just go for the handle really early. Tried that and it snapped me around, stomped it my first time. I realized it was easier for me to land my bs 180 blind and pass the handle on landing. If i go for the handle i do the full 360. Try it off a big rollers or inside out.

bradb 07-27-2008 11:35 AM

Tim, <BR>A bit of both. <BR>Instead of leaving your handle in your back pocket when landing your bs 1, pull the handle across the front of your body. At the same time, reach for the handle with your free hand (turn your hips/shoulders around to face the boat).

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