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waketx05 06-29-2008 3:29 AM

i was just wondering what is so special about these skates.. there is nowhere to demo one around me .. and i was considering buying one.. INPUT??

lovin_the_wake 06-29-2008 6:09 AM

get on wakeskating.com there are tons of threads about these skates

kampus96 07-01-2008 10:09 PM

epic. the most board control you will get out of any skate.

sinkoumn 07-02-2008 8:51 PM

If the board was heavier it would be perfect, but there is WAY too much hype around the integs - I love the boards, but your board is only as good as you are (which 95% of the people seem to overlook)...

kampus96 07-04-2008 1:46 PM

sinko, know ur stuff before you post. the 08's have quite a bit more weight to em.

sinkoumn 07-06-2008 2:26 PM

Sorry grant, I shouldve stated the 08s are perfect, my bad... <BR> <BR>Even with the added weight in the 08s some people just like a heavier board than what integ is putting out. I have nothing against them, they make a great (if not, the best constructed board) but certain things about it won't fit everyones riding style - whereas a lot of people on ws.com will preach it is the best board for anyone.

kampus96 07-12-2008 12:25 PM

sinko, did i say theyre perfect?no. i just said dont make stupid posts about how theyre not heavy enough when theyre the same weight as any wood concave on the market.and yes your right one board wont fit everybodies riding style but i have yet to see one person say a bad thing about the 08's. theyre is a lot different about them. and trust me i have ridden just about every board there is to ride.

electricsnow 07-13-2008 9:53 AM

Grant, no offense but maybe people are intimidated to even speak up about that? I personally know that some people have sold or are working on selling their limiteds because it simply isn't the right fit for them. I'm sure those numbers will change as time goes on. It works that way with everything. <BR> <BR>Anyway Ryan P, these boards are unique in that they have high quality materials that are going to give you a really durable, high performance wakeskate. Some features include centerweighting in the core to help with rotational tricks, and urethane sidewalls to help with durability. They also have a version that has bamboo as the centerweight material, which makes the board a little heavier, really stiff and responsive. In addition to that, I think a lot of people are drawn to the charismatic image of the company because they're independent, and pretty hands-on, in that they'll generally answer questions and post updates on their boards and what not on wakeskating.com. They stay in touch with the community.

lovin_the_wake 07-13-2008 10:24 AM

IMO you can't go wrong with any board from Integrity, New, Oak, or Devotid they are all great stand up companies that all stand behind they're products and stay very active in the Wakeskating community . . . . I ride New and Devotid boards and love em

russian 07-13-2008 6:55 PM

I actually feel that the ltd's are too buoyant. But the pop is amazing. I'm hoping to get mine to sit a little lower in the water when I get it

xmarksthespot 07-14-2008 5:34 PM

Not really a huge wakeskater but went out with some guys from integrity last week and rode one of their boards, it was def the nicest feeling skate i have ridden. Pop, Control, it had everything you would want. Would recommend very much!!!

livigno 07-21-2008 2:18 PM

my friend eddy's integ w/ bamboo core is on the way, can't wait to ride it compared to the ronix zariel we've been mostly using this season

deepcove 07-23-2008 5:08 PM

I have owned a 2005 Team, TNT41 and ridden a 2008. I find all of these too light for my liking. The 2008 did not feel as twichy but I still way prefer a good ol wood concave. <BR> <BR>Also even with the added weight of a 2008 it is not as heavy as my Reed 42....

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