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ncsuuh 06-27-2008 7:57 AM

I have a video that I would like to send to a friend or post on you-tube. I filmed it with my digital camera and imported it into iMovie. I then dragged the clip onto my desktop. Apparently it is too big because I cannot e-mail it nor can I post it on you-tube. The clip is only 30 sec. long. Any suggestions?

richd 06-27-2008 11:37 AM

If you can't compress it with iMovie then you could get Quicktime Pro for a modest fee from Apple and use that to export it. check and see if itunes will do it as well.

huevo 07-08-2008 4:21 PM

Matt, I have I Movie HD on my mac and had the same problem the first time I tried to put a video on You tube. It could be that you saved it under the wrong file extension as you tube only excepts certain flies such as (.mov) <BR> <BR>Try this, reopen it in Imovie HD <BR>Click on File <BR>Click on Export <BR>Then under the Quciktime Icon Choose "Compress movie for Expert Settings" this will allow you to choose the file extension and keep the same video quality. Choose ".mov" Once compressed try uploading that to you tube. It may take a while but it should work. <BR> <BR>Let me know how it turns out

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