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kimmy 06-26-2008 3:16 PM

Who is going to be there? I own a houseboat on Shasta Lake out of Silverthorn Resort. I got a crew of 5 but we are looking for more to join us on my HB. If you have a boat bring it, we got one boat now. But 2 is better than one. Gas will be cheap as I will not be pulling that far of the dock. Just gas for the ski boats. Wakeboard, wakeskate and surf. Need heads, this is your chance to meet more WW' up at <a href="mailto:Kimmy_pop@yahoo.com">Kimmy_pop@yahoo. com</a> or the best way to contact me would be on my cell at 925-708-6699. Hope you can make it. The fires are almost out and it will be clear. I talked to my resort and the air is clean.

tonyv420 06-27-2008 2:35 PM

after reading your profile, I have to ask will you marry me ? j/k

towdaddy 07-08-2008 9:36 AM

I has there! Alder Creek inlet. Orange and white MB Tomcat, only one with a Tomcat on the lake. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by towdaddy on July 08, 2008)

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