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waterdork88 06-25-2008 6:25 PM

i have been riding around on a pretty old hyperlite board for a while now. secretly i have been wanting to try out a ronix one board or a slingshot. well my dad calls me today and he bombards me with wakeboard questions without even explaining what he is talking about. he asked me what my boot size was and if i like open or closed toe. which i said open (which i will get to later)... then he says "well i'm working out a deal and i'm trying to get us a ronix one board. what are the odds. i never even told him i wanted to try that board out. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> so i'm going to contact the guy later and tell him exactly what i want. but i just wanted to know what are the advantages and disadvantes of open and closed toe. i've always rode open but dont know a thing about closed. and they asked what kind of binding (which i dont know where to start). i've only heard that the ronix one bindings literally stink. and what kind of lining. (hard or soft) (or white or gold) or something like that. i dont know what that means. so any advice would be much appreciated

westsidarider 06-25-2008 6:39 PM

you should go down to the shop and try a pair of closed toes on. my opinion is that closed is the way to go and open houldnt even be made any more. they give you more edge control by keeping your toe down rather than them lifting up when you edge. also when it gets colder your feet stay warmer.

waterdork88 06-25-2008 6:40 PM

makes sense. thanks

skatehawk11 06-25-2008 6:43 PM

go open!!!! sorry to make things difficult.

waterdork88 06-25-2008 6:49 PM

lol thats cool. i alway guessed open would be better in the sense that it would make your feet feel more comfortable and free. i'll try some closed on. then i'll make a decision

dlwsrider 06-25-2008 7:03 PM

I vote closed. It feels waaaaaay better in the winter.

srh00z 06-25-2008 7:07 PM

I am enjoying my CT's this season. I can't imagine going back to OT's. It seems like alot of the CT's are made more shoe or boot like and they aren't a mix of overlays and underlays like alot of the OT's still are.

bartush 06-25-2008 10:18 PM

i have ronix ones. they dont stink if u wash them with a hose or something after you ride so it doesnt smell like lake... i think they are really comfortable and ive tried on a lot of bindings and they are my favorite

jtnz 06-25-2008 10:33 PM

Open toe bindings are good if you're not the only one riding the board. I share mine with my friends since they don't have their own boards. <BR> <BR>I can't really comment on the CT bindings since OT is all I know...

jjakober 06-26-2008 8:48 AM

I've ridden both and the only advantage I have seen with closed toe boots is if you ride in really cold water, it makes it much nicer because your feet don't get cold. <BR> <BR>I really haven't seen a performance benefit to CT boots. The idea that you have better edge control is a marketing gimmick. They had to come up with something to make it sound like a better way to build bindings! The responsiveness to get on your heal-side edge comes from the stiffness of the back of your binding, not from lifting with your toes.

wake2blake 06-26-2008 8:55 AM

closed toe is so much better

downfortheride 06-26-2008 8:56 AM

If you want to land a HS BS 9, you may want to go closed toe <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>. <BR> <BR>Go to your local shop and try them on then see if they have a demo program and take both and try it out! I went CT and will not be going back.

waterdork88 06-29-2008 7:40 AM

they do have a demo program. i didnt even think about bringing both bindings. thanks. but which binding is better for stomping hs bs 10s? :p

hawkeye7708 06-29-2008 7:55 AM

I rode open for while, a few different pairs of bindings from the Hyperlite High Backs, to the 3DS, 06 and 07 and finally the 07 Shanes, and i've got say I, personally, feel more locked in on those closed toes, not just to the board but overall. As far as the "WAY BETTER EDGING", i think that may be an exaggeration, but with my feet locked down to that board, i do feel more responsive. You could definitely take the Open toe vs. Closed toe look at it, but when it comes down to it, closed toe has everything open toe does, and more. Unless there is something totally crazy that comes out, i dont see myself getting out of closed toe boots. I love em!

spinner_x 06-29-2008 8:00 AM

I just bought my first set of closed and id have to say i already love them.

den10brown 06-29-2008 8:37 AM

dude i think you should go open they are a lot better. my friend has a pair of ronix one bindings and he said they are great

dnannen 06-29-2008 9:51 AM


sidekicknicholas 06-29-2008 12:08 PM

once you go closed toe you will not go back

wakerider111 06-29-2008 11:15 PM

some will argue that closed toes open up a possibility of jamming a toe, but if you get the boots sized right to your foot then you wont have this problem. <BR> <BR>besides i'd much rather have a jammed toe then a broken foot that came out through the toe opening of an open toed boot (maybe some could argue that these rare cases were incorrect boot sizes too?) <BR> <BR>all and all, i agree with Nick T. you won't go back want you try them. i had reservations for CT before, but now i am all for them. <BR>Now the industry needs to agree that 4-hole mounting is THE WAY! ;)

wakerider_dlt 06-30-2008 12:59 AM

I got a real short pull in my new 08 CT Watson's yesterday and I already love them. I don't think I will ever go back.

wakeboardmatt 06-30-2008 2:17 AM

It is all opinion. <BR> <BR>GO DEMO!

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