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jmuthafnp 06-24-2008 8:44 PM

Anyone have any info or results on this weekends past event? I haven't seen anything on it at all. <BR> <BR>I pre-registered for the last two events and there is still no information available on either one. I am starting worry I might be out a few bucks. <BR> <BR>Mark - Are you out there? I have emailed you a few times and no response.

wakeparent 06-24-2008 8:54 PM

You'll be all right my son just got back from TSR event.... No Fear is a big company your entry fee is SAFE....... Mark didn't get home till late sunday night.

wakedad33 06-24-2008 8:59 PM

Hi-jack, Gordie please, please bring shade this weekend. and if Doug Anderson is coming bring lots of beer <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

wakeparent 06-25-2008 8:50 AM

Randy, I don't no if shade is allowed... Doug will be here it's he's birthday also Henry Valdez, there should be alot of beer! See ya this weekend.

whitie 06-25-2008 9:16 AM

Here are some pics of the event <BR>from Swami <BR><a href="http://swamistudios.com/photoshoots/080621-nofear/index.html" target="_blank">http://swamistudios.com/photoshoots/080621-nofear/index.html</a>

jealous_soul 06-25-2008 11:36 AM

tom fooshee won pro cable, eddie valdez won amateur cable (intermediate), and that's about all i remember. it was a long week.

nofearwake 06-25-2008 10:59 PM

Hey guys thanks for the posts. Got sick after getting home late with the fam from TSR, the fam is sick too. Been at Dr.s with baby, and momma patching everybody up. We have the press releases coming out this week. We are a little late becuase of Nationals in another sport. The event was insane. Many of the competitiors have been hitting me up with positive stuff to say about the event. THANK YOU TEXAS AND KC. TSR rocks. Bret little throw a first ever wakeskate 5 off the kicker during the comp. At least the first I ever heard of, Brett killed it. Fooshee killed it. That guy is the most underrated guy in wakeboarding. He rode three events. Boat wake and skate as well as cable board. We will post the standings with shots and video later this week. PS WakeboardSTL. I checked my email, and phone. No missed calls from you brother. My details are posted below hit me up. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have. <BR> <BR>Winners listed below. <BR>Final Standings- Boat events <BR>1)Kyle Robertson-Beginner <BR> <BR>4)John Oehlert-Jr. Novice <BR>3)Zandon Feemster- Jr. Novice <BR>2)Ian rabon-Jr.Novice <BR>1)Braxton Feemster-Jr. Novice <BR> <BR>3)Shelby Phillips-Novice <BR>2)Brian Perez <BR>1)Erik Bushka <BR> <BR>2) Farris Payne-Boys <BR>1) Caden Welch-Boys <BR> <BR>3) Susan Sheehan-Womens Masters <BR>2) Geri Robertson-Womens Masters <BR>1)Kat Laird-Womens Masters <BR> <BR>1) Cameron Bitton-Wakeskate <BR> <BR>4) Kurt Zimmerman-Jr. Men <BR>3) Reese Lewis-Jr. Men <BR>2) Connor Bitton-Jr. Men <BR>1) Chase Mobley-Jr. Men <BR> <BR>4)Trey Butler-Men <BR>3)Robby Davis-Men <BR>2)Jacob Sonnevelt-men <BR>1)Trent Jones-Men <BR> <BR>2) John Day-Masters <BR>1) Billy Garcia-Masters <BR> <BR>2)Trey Butler-Open <BR>1) Brian White=Open <BR> <BR>1) Erica Burk-Pro Women <BR> <BR>4) Mitch Bergsma-Pro men <BR>3) Ryan Anderson-Pro Men <BR>2)Eddie Valdez- Pro men <BR>1)Tom Fooshee-Pro men <BR> <BR>Cable event standings <BR> <BR>4) Max Bialick-Intermediate <BR>3) Jackie Brown-Intermediate <BR>2) Ryan Anderson-Intermediate <BR>1) Eddie Valdez <BR> <BR>4) Garrett Payne-Beginner <BR>3) Farris Payne-Beginner <BR>2) John Oehlert-Beginner <BR>1) Camden welch-Beginner <BR> <BR>4) Mike Vestal-Wakeskate Pro <BR>3) Jesse Landry-Wakeskate Pro <BR>2) Clint Tomkins-Wakeskate Pro <BR>1) Bret Little-Wakeskate Pro <BR> <BR>4) Kyle Reed-pro Wakeboard <BR>3) Lucas Snider-Pro Wakeboard <BR>2) Cody Johnson-Pro Wakeboard <BR>1) Tom Fooshee-Pro wakeboard <BR> <BR>Mark Pulver <BR> <BR>Mobile (951)662-2259 <BR>Email <a href="mailto:Wake2Waketour@hotmail.com">Wake2Waket our@hotmail.com</a>

rnopr8 06-26-2008 12:09 AM

It was an awesome weekend. There was some incredible wakeboard/skate going down. The level of riders at this comp blew me away. And props to Blake and all the staff at TSR for use of a great facility and all your help and hospitality. It was an amazing time. <BR> <BR>Swami....great pics...thanks.

jmuthafnp 06-26-2008 7:29 AM

Thanks Mark! I will hit you up through email.

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