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adrenalindustries 06-24-2008 2:13 PM

Ladies!- <BR>We go to the lake a ton! We have a few girls that come ride... but if you want to come meet allot of new people please come rip with us!

tami_tams 07-31-2008 10:43 PM

Hey if you are still looking for girls to ride with I'd love to go with you guys some time. I love the lake and am happy to help with gas etc. Depending on the day I can usually get off work around 2:30 once or twice a week. Just shoot me an email at <a href="mailto:tami.walker@edwardjones.com">tami.wal ker@edwardjones.com</a> if you wanna go!

ladythump 08-16-2008 7:14 PM

JUstin just sent you a PM

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