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tashi_sotiris 06-23-2008 5:39 PM

hey everyone, im lightly seasoned in wakeboarding but I am hooked on it like none other! i live in lincoln and would love to chill and ride with anyone i can. I want to be pushed and learn new stuff! i can help pay for gas or ect.. let me know if anyone in this lake lonesome state wants to ride? paaaleease?

skeetersky13 06-23-2008 9:47 PM

hey, i live in nebraska but im spending the summer in colorado. your best bet to find people is to post in the find a third/be a third discussion. you could also check out wakeboardnebraska.com <BR>nice to see another nebraskan on the boards!

babeswithboards 06-23-2008 10:34 PM

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