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stef_ 06-22-2008 12:50 PM

Greetings from Paraguay, SouthAmerica!! I am a begginer in this awesome sport but I am already totally into it. I want to buy a board and have decided to get a Hyperlite Blur 2008 with noise bindings..now my problem is which size should I get, the 131 or the 136. I am a 5'4 and I weigh 123 lbs. The boardwizard suggests the 131 but my friend which is a lot shorter than I am has a divine 134 so I am confused. Oh and there are no demos around anywhere since the sport is practically new here.

06-23-2008 11:58 AM


stef_ 06-24-2008 7:54 AM

thanks jessica!!..thought no one would help

criswb 06-24-2008 4:52 PM

Estefania... I know how it is! Yo soy de Ecuador y lo mismo pasa aca! es dificil hacer demo de las cosas y uno tiene q comprar basado en lo que cree y lo que dicen las otras personas. Siempre me han ayudado bien aqui. Id say get the 131 too, 136 is very big, and especially as a beginner I found it was easier for me to do things in a smaller board, later on i went with a bigger one. But 136 for someone your size is still pretty big.

stef_ 06-25-2008 7:15 AM

THKS Cris!! Me voy a comprar la 131 entonces y luego una mas grande si es necesario a medida que avanze!!! Mil Gracias!!

splinka13 06-26-2008 1:37 PM

I agree. I was riding a CWB Sapphire 134 and I am 5'4" and 135 lbs. I just bought my own board and I got a Gator Desire 132 because everyone was saying that the Sapphire was too big for me.

stef_ 06-28-2008 9:39 AM

Thks Paulina!

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