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06-10-2001 11:02 AM

Hi, <BR> <BR>I'm a wakeboarder from The Netherlands. <BR> <BR>Everybody is always talking about wakeboarding events in USA but I never hear anything about wakeboarding in Europe. Sometimes just about little events. <BR> <BR>Is there anyone that could tell me about wakeboard events in The Netherlands or Europe? <BR> <BR>I have been looking for a long time now but never found any tournaments that I can join. <BR> <BR>Does anyone know anything about wakeboarding in Europe?

08-03-2001 3:24 PM

i know about events in the uk is that any use???

I'm not on the tour just started , but I went to see a couple of events recently 08-07-2001 1:41 AM

HI Peter <BR> <BR>in Germany we have the the PRO German Wakeboard tour all year...(I'm not on the tour just started , but I went to see a couple of events recently) <BR> <BR>also this weekend you just missed the Cable Wakeboard world championship's in duisberg Germany. <BR> <BR>usefull links <BR>http://www.wakeboarder.de <BR>(oficial German Wakeboard tour site) <BR><A HREF="http://www.wakeboard.it" TARGET="_top">http://www.wakeboard.it</A> <BR>(details of italian wakeboard events) <BR><A HREF="http://www.eurowakeboardprotour.com" TARGET="_top">http://www.eurowakeboardprotour.com</A> <BR>(european pro tour open to all nationalities) <BR><A HREF="http://www.wakeboard.nu" TARGET="_top">http://www.wakeboard.nu</A> <BR>(lists some scandinavian wake events) <BR> <BR> <BR>hope this gets you started <BR> <BR>cheers <BR>ED

08-07-2001 1:44 AM

Hi peter I forgot to ask <BR>what's the netherland's like for Wakeboarding facilities <BR> <BR>I live and work in Munich , and Im pretty spoilt for great lakes and cable rides . <BR> <BR>but i may have to come and work in the netherlands for a while and wondered about where I could go to wakeboard ? <BR> <BR>Ed

08-23-2001 10:27 AM

Jose Cuervo Sponsor the European Wakeboard tour - I dont know much about it but I know they have stops right across Europe - I went to see it near London recently and it was excellent so worth looking for that - I presume there is a website about it but I don't know the address - sorry mate. Hope that is of use to you.

si_ 06-04-2002 3:39 AM

There is a park near Amsterdam <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wetnwild.nl" target=_top>http://www.wetnwild.nl</a> <BR>Good place, decent club house, and nice sand/grass bank - so no walk of death on stones! <BR> <BR>Si

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