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sid7 03-24-2003 8:17 AM

for the last two summers i have had an awesome MC X-5....but due to a new SUV and house payment i had to sell it to get a cheaper boat. I just got a 99bayliner capri with a tower...anybody have any suggestions for the trim while riding, weight it in the boat, or speed? it is hard to keep at a steady speed. we have to go a little faster so when we cut out hard we wont get bogged down...i was thinking of perfect pass...would that help any?

seattle 03-24-2003 8:27 AM

Sid, <BR> <BR>Perfect Pass works great on I/Os. That would be my first investment.

timmy 03-24-2003 9:01 AM

perfect pass is good. what engine do you have, how long is the boat?

sid7 03-24-2003 9:22 AM

the engine is a mercruiser 190 hp V6 4.3L... and it is 18.5 ft long.. <BR>will the perfect pass keep the speed constant even when someone cuts out really hard or will it still bog down a bit then go back to the set speed?

aquaholic 03-24-2003 10:21 AM

You'll have to play with the trim a bit. Mine works best trimmed up between the 1/4 and 1/2 lines on the gauge. I'd put a sac up front in the bow and another in the ski locker and see how it does. You can drag the one back or add another in the rear if the motor will pull it. Don't have any experience with Perfect Pass except on another guys I/O but it worked excellent. Maybe Bob will comment, I think he has a 5.0L 8 cylinder though.

rmcronin 03-24-2003 3:55 PM

Sell it and get an old Nautique 2001! Lots out there for under 8g's

bob 03-24-2003 8:37 PM

The speed problem can be mostly solved with PP but it depends how much additional weight you add and the prop your running. With that setup id suggest a 4 blade 17" or at the most 19" pitch prop. It wont go fast but it will pull a boarder and it makes it easier on the motor to stay at a set speed. On the i/o it is a combination of things (just like on a d or v drive-you wouldnt want too tall a prop on one of those either and if it was one of the older models with like a 240 hp motor youd for sure want pp). My setup is 5.0 efi pushing a 3400 lb (stock weight) plus generally a 600 in the ski locker thru a 19" high five prop, 4 blade aluminum 18" on the way to test.

bob 03-24-2003 8:50 PM

oh yea i forgot, dont put the throttle to the wall with a lower pitch prop unless you have a built in rev limiter or youll be putting in a new motor (you wouldnt do it with your car why do it with your boat) WATCH THE TACH!!

sid7 03-25-2003 1:17 PM

Thanks for the info Bob. What kind of boat do you have?

bob 03-26-2003 1:12 AM

2001 20' monterey (i/o of course)

riverfreak 03-27-2003 12:04 PM

sid I have a hi 5 19p prop, same specs, but a maxum, speed is a lot easier to hold with a low pitch and more blades, but it will never even be close to an inboard, thats the joy of inboards, you don't have to fight the boat for a nice pull.....

socalwakepunk 03-27-2003 12:11 PM

X-5 for a house &amp; SUV? I think you need to re-evaluate your priorities, Sid! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> (j/k) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by socalwakepunk on March 27, 2003)

sid7 03-27-2003 12:15 PM

thanks for the info guys that should help me out alot!

bob 03-27-2003 3:58 PM

well its all relative to the boat, my buddy has a moomba and guess whos boat he rode behind last weekend (both were in the water right next to each other too)?? the joys of having a heavy boat with a V8

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