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mullen_casting 06-12-2008 10:12 PM

Project: Vault Soda (Coca Cola's answer to Mt. Dew) Commercial <BR>Rate: SAG National (cable, network, cinema) <BR>Conflicts: If you are sponsored by any carbonated soft drinks, you cannot audition. <BR>Casting Date: Saturday, June 14 @ Mullen Casting (1013 E. Colonial Dr. ORLANDO, 32803) <BR>Callbacks: TBD (Maybe June 18 or 19) <BR>Fitting Date(s): June 23 IN LOS ANGELES <BR>Shoot Date(s): June 25-26 IN LOS ANGELES <BR> <BR>Searching for semi-pro and pro wakeboarders <BR> <BR>The Vault Guy <BR> <BR>Age: 24 - 26 <BR>Race: Caucasian <BR>Face: Handsome with chiseled features. <BR>Body Type: Tall, strong and muscular. <BR>Look Reference: A younger Hugh Jackman <BR> <BR> <BR>The Vault guy is a man’s man. He’s strong and burly but his muscles have been honed with hard days of labor – not working out in front of a mirror in the gym. And speaking of mirrors he’s not the kind to be checking himself in one very often – hardly interested in the triviality of over grooming. He’s a little rough around the edges with a stubbly face and hairy chest to match. He’s chiseled and good looking but in that rugged, manly way that makes a lady feel safe, secure and protected. Nothing about him says look at me, from his conservative haircut to the way he dresses and carries himself he’s a no nonsense guy. <BR> <BR> <BR>The Dew Dude <BR> <BR>Age: 16 – 18 <BR>Race: Caucasian <BR>Face: Pre-pubescent, goofy. <BR>Body Type: Small and scrawny. <BR> <BR>The Dew dude is your typical obnoxious late teen, immature and full of himself. He is basically the antithesis of the Vault guy. His scrawny body is completely hairless – not a result of waxing but rather his testosterone deficiency. And while he may be talented in his chosen extreme sport, the way he carries himself detracts from his ability and has people labeling him a poser or worse, a complete ‘dewche’ bag. He’s full of his own importance and wants all eyes on him – testament in all his latest gear covered with fluoro sponsorship and even his choice in haircut. Weather it’s a mop of bleach blonde hair or a jacked up mohawk he’s doing everything he can to scream, look at me! <BR> <BR> <BR>Please email Michelle at: <BR><a href="mailto:michelle@mullencasting.com">michelle@ mullencasting.com</a> <BR>for an audition time and more information.

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