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bwillx2 06-12-2008 8:15 AM

Man I am slamming my face when I throw a 3. I am getting the handle pass, but as soon as i start coming around the pull is slamming my face down hard. I guess I am getting off Axis. Makes me not even want to throm them anymore, but I know that's the only way to learn. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?

evank 06-12-2008 12:06 PM

in the book they say to really wait to the top of your jump to start spinning and to really lean back so the boat can see the bottom of your board to prevent this from happening.

eubanks01 06-12-2008 12:20 PM

Yep, I used to have the same problem. Are you catching your toeside or heelside edge? Either way, it sounds like you're being pulled out the front. There aren't many crashes out there that I hate worse. <BR> <BR>Like Evan said, you just really, really, really have to slow this thing down. Don't even reach around for the pass until you've really yanked that handle into your back hip. I know it's scary but that last 180 can happen very, very late. <BR> <BR>Do some big HS 180's w2w and focus on waiting to initiate the move. Make sure you're just drifing into the wake as well. You don't want to use a progressive edge for this trick.

bwillx2 06-12-2008 12:44 PM

I just fill like I am getting pulled way to much all the way through the trick. I am hanging on to the handle but in turn it is slamming me pretty hard. So do I need to pull in the handle toward my hip first and get some slack, then go for the handle pass? How do you take some of that tension off the line?

eubanks01 06-12-2008 1:06 PM

Yes, pull the handle in BEFORE you spin. Don't turn your head or reach around for the pass until you feel like you've pulled the handle all the way into your hips...trust me. <BR> <BR>The best way to decrease line tension is to just drift into the wake in a seated position and really use your legs at the wake to pop. Only drift in fast enough to go w2w. So get out wide on your toes and then just drift back into the wake. <BR> <BR>Read some of the other 360 threads as your problem is most everybody's problem with this trick. Pull longer than you think on that handle. You want to pause off the wake before you start turning into the spin. <BR> <BR>Good luck!

bwillx2 06-12-2008 1:41 PM

Thanks Eubanks!!

bwillx2 06-12-2008 1:42 PM

and Evan

briand 06-12-2008 2:14 PM

good luck brandon. <BR>i just learned these this week, and i have some tips for you. <BR>1 cut slower and pop harder, it helps your mind wait on the spin. <BR>2. yank the handle HARD almost a second after you jump.... think of something to keep you from spinning off the wake and eating it like you have been. <BR>thats about it but the harder you pull the faster you spin, so GOOD LUCK MAN

troutpac 06-20-2008 6:24 AM

OUCH!!! I almost have a backroll now and the crashes I took learning a 360 were brutal compared to the backroll.For me it was all in the approach-the spin and handle pass wont happen correctly if your approach is off.Cut out half way,your eyes should be on the face of the wake and let the boat pull you in with very little edge. You should be in a seated position. Then there wont be as much force on the rope when you pull and spin.If you are getting around and getting the handle your there-And Brian ,thats what I did,I started thinking about keeping both hands on the handle thru the top of the wake - this made me not start to spin until you are off the wake because I think the first step for most is letting go too early and reaching around for the handle so if you delay that step even a split second it will make you spin later.Hope this helps.

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