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adrenalindustries 06-06-2008 12:18 PM

I love grabs and I think they are so sick! I have no problem making the grab... it just seems like they are kinda difficult... I don't think they are suppose to be that way. Am I wrong?

brody 06-15-2008 4:02 PM

Make sure to suck your legs and reach down far to make the grab. After that you can keep it sucked in and prepare for landing or poke it out to add some style

wake_eater 06-16-2008 6:39 PM

its like everything else, the more u do it..the more natural it feels

shaggystud06 08-15-2008 8:29 PM

I look at where I am going to grab before I edge in, that seemed to help me out.

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