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brannon 06-06-2008 12:25 AM

Hey guys whats up I just got a 1998 Maxum 20' open bow boat! I know its not a wake specific boat but its a start. Well I wanna put on a wakeboard tower and a swim step. <BR>For the tower I would love to find something that will work well and be reasonable since im not putting the tower on a 50k boat. <BR>So far I am chosing between two towers and was curious about your thoughts. Should i give it a go or can you guys point me in the right direction. <BR>First on is the big ice Air <BR><a href="http://www.bigairpylons.com/IceTower.htm" target="_blank">http://www.bigairpylons.com/IceTower.htm</a> <BR> <BR>Second is one from DIY and it comes with a wakeboard rack. <BR><a href="http://www.diywake.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=564" target="_blank">http://www.diywake.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=564</a> <BR> <BR>Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. <BR> <BR>Brannon

wamp98 06-06-2008 2:04 PM

I just installed the DIY wake and am way pleased. Very sturdy, no noise, looks cool and very functional. See profile for pics. I will try to download a few more for you, but talk with Raul from DIY and ask about a package deal. I got the tower, 2 cans, and 2 racks shipped to my house for a grand! The ice tower is the exact same, but they just charge you more.

brannon 06-06-2008 8:26 PM

Andy nice boat!!! Thanks for the info!!! I will most likely call and talk to Raul and see what he can do for me. By the way how hard was it to install? <BR> <BR>Brannon

wamp98 06-07-2008 10:32 PM

I did most the install all by myself, so it took a bit longer than it would have with someone helping. It is pretty straight forward and easy, but take your time to think it through. Make sure you check to see where the tower is going to lay down, and if you mount it in front of the window, check to make sure your window will still open without hitting the tower. I also raised my bimimi top to make sure it would still work with the tower in position. Running wires is way easier to do while you are assembling it, so if you want speakers and lights, run the wires while you have it apart. I ran the speaker wires plus an extra power and ground for lights up there for later use just in case I want to add some later. Good luck, and and feel free to ask anymore questions. I'd be glad to help if I can!

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