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tlatoani 06-05-2008 1:11 PM

Ok, after the last few trips of having my mom and my kids all on the boat, I've decided that my selection of songs on my ipod just isn't going to cut it. Mom likes older music. I still can't figure out at what age people stop liking any new music that comes out. It seems to happen to everyone at some point-I am dreading the day it happens to me :P <BR> <BR>Anyway, I'm thinking adding sirius may be a big help. Plus, I can listen to some NFL games this fall. Any tips or suggestions? I have this stereo: <BR><a href="http://www.lafayetteradio.com/html/details.asp?search=1596" target="_blank">http://www.lafayetteradio.com/html/details.asp?search=1596</a> <BR> <BR>I also have a WS420 EQ, so I could just run something like a stiletto to the aux in. This would make it easier to change channels since my wired remote doesn't have a display, but it has a bit of a downside: no charging of the sirius unit, and one more volume control to mess with. Plus I'd need to mount it, but that's not a huge deal. <BR> <BR>The other option is buying the kenwood parts. This would let me deck do everything, which appeals to my sense of neatness. However, the subscription is stuck in the boat then, which kind of sucks. <BR> <BR>The portable units like the stiletto are really appealing to me for some reason. I guess not needing a dock in every vehicle seems kind of nice. <BR> <BR>Any advice appreciated-this is all new to me. <BR>thanks! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by tlatoani on June 05, 2008)

99_slaunch 06-05-2008 3:03 PM

I have a Keen Wood Sirius satellite that is for sale. You would need to buy the antenna to mount on the dash. I have every thing else. $50.00 PLUS shipping. If you want the Keen Wood head unit that came with it $100.00 PLUS shipping for all of it.

kcampos 06-05-2008 3:35 PM

what's a Keen Wood?

99_slaunch 06-05-2008 4:16 PM


spyderman 06-05-2008 9:47 PM

We just put sirius in our boat. We have a Sony headunit that was sat ready. We needed to purchase a "sirius connect" kit and a stiletto that unit becomes inoperable so don't mount it on the dash like we did <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> (I think we actually got the Stratus 4). This allowed the headunit to control the sat radio and still have the sirius portable to my car. <BR> <BR>ON your link I found the following at the bottom: <BR>For Sirius Satellite Reception the following is needed <BR> <BR> <BR>SCC1 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner And Antenna <BR>KCA-SR50 Kenwood Translator for Sirius Satellite <BR> <BR>That should give you the same use we have. I bet it will cost about $100... Buy another dock and you are all set in the car on one subscription.

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