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murphy_smith 06-05-2008 12:59 PM

Well, after spending hours on the phone with ProperBoatCare.com, I have decided that I am going to tackle a gel coat restoration process this weekend. My boat is white and has a very faint amount of oxidation above the rub rail. I also got some blue overspray on the back transom portion above the rub rail. Coupled with very minute hairline scratches I have acquired over the years…I decided it was time to give this project a try. <BR> <BR>Here is the process I got from ProperBoatCare.com. They seem to be very knowledgeable and willing to take any amount of time needed to help with product and technique. <BR> <BR>I am first going to wash and dry the boat and tape off the interior with a thin plastic drop cloth. <BR> <BR>To remove the overspray and other contaminants in the gel coat I am going to use a clay bar kit. <BR> <BR>Next I am going to use the Gel Coat Labs Fine Cut Polish with a yellow foam pad on my circular polisher. <BR> <BR>The next step will be to use the Gel Coat Labs One-step, Gel Coat Micro-polish &amp; Sealant with an orange foam pad on my circular polisher. <BR> <BR>Last but not least I will follow up with some Meguiar’s Premium Flagship Marine Wax. <BR>All of these products can be found on properboatcare.com. I will take some before and after pictures and post them on Monday or when the project is completed. <BR> <BR>If anyone has any constructive feedback before I get started I would defiantly be appreciative. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Murphy_Smith on June 05, 2008)

jon4pres 06-05-2008 1:29 PM

What does Gel Coat Labs One-step, Gel Coat Micro-polish &amp; Sealant do? (and dont say polish and seal because isnt that what the Meguires is going to do)

zapisor 06-05-2008 1:33 PM

A'm I the only one that dosen't like Meguiars Premium? I have a black hull and I find it streaks? maybe my cheap polisher can't get it warm enough.

zapisor 06-05-2008 1:35 PM

Sorry to Hijack, <BR> <BR>After all that work she should be beautiful!

jim33 06-05-2008 1:44 PM

^^^^^^^^ Ron I do not like Meguiars, I prefer Collinite marine wax!

zapisor 06-05-2008 11:20 PM

tx I'll try it

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