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scott_a 06-04-2008 6:43 PM

i bet someone got fired for this one! <BR> <BR><a href="http://paradoxoff.com/mass-destruction-of-the-canon-cameras.html" target="_blank">http://paradoxoff.com/mass-destruction-of-the-canon-cameras.html</a>

adrenalindustries 06-05-2008 1:06 PM

that is crazy...

richd 06-05-2008 4:23 PM

I'm surprised they didn't fix that 300 f2.8L IS or at least pull the glass out of it. <BR> <BR>At the end of the model cycle you'll see a bunch of refurb bodies and lenses hit the market usually at Adorama. I've heard this is the rejects Canon accumulates over time and then fixes at the last minute when a model's being phased out so the refurbs don't pirate new sales. The stuff in those pictures probably wasn't worth refurbishing.

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