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dakid 06-04-2008 8:59 AM

a local shop's selling a new p325.1 for $70. would you get it? <BR> <BR>here's the <a href="http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/product_details.asp?cat_id=2&amp;family_id=19&amp; item_id=106475&amp;locale=en_US&amp;series_id=6" target=_top>amp info</a>.

denverd1 06-04-2008 9:13 AM

decent little amp. its Punch series, pry worth it. just not far from where you are now tho. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by denverd1 on June 04, 2008)

watson_134_lf 06-04-2008 9:54 AM

thats solid <BR>i think your paying for the name with fosgate more than anything, thats why there prices are always so high

slipknot 06-04-2008 10:25 AM

my neighbor needs one for the Fosgate 12 I just gave him, send details, its worth it for $70.

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