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chefwong 06-04-2008 7:58 AM

I'm am looking to start throwing crow mobes but I dont want to jack my self up on my first attempt. <BR> <BR>My idea is to do a scarecrow and then when I am around and spot the water to turn the handle to my back for the last 180. <BR> <BR>Any tips?

sidekicknicholas 06-05-2008 1:54 PM

1st: solid crows. <BR>2nd: do like 15 inside-->out switch backside 180s <BR> (the end of the trick is just that) <BR> *try and spot the landing if you followed the <BR> wake all the way to shore (almost completely <BR> behind you)...don't bring your head around <BR>4th: Take a very short approach, very progresive <BR> you want straight up pop --- keep you hands <BR> together and elbows in tight <BR>5th: Pop (if it doesn't feel good just bail to a <BR> reg. crow) if it is good give a really hard <BR> pull the your back hip with both hands. <BR>6th: try to keep both hands on for the first 180 <BR>7th: Come around, spot the shore as you would for <BR> the switch BS 180's -- drop the hand and <BR> try to keep the handle really close to your <BR> back (keeping it tight on approach will <BR> help) <BR>8th: land and try to get your back shoulder <BR> rolled over to move your weight over your <BR> toes. <BR> <BR>*Dave Briscoe taught me...so these are mostly his words. and they helped.

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