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damned04 06-03-2008 10:47 AM

I finally dropped in the X2 yesterday morning and to my surprise, the radio, amp, (powering two tower speakers), and remote were not powering on. I'm thinking it's a fuse or something. Anyone know where I should look to diagnose the problem?

h20jnky 06-03-2008 11:37 AM

might need an "accessory" toggle turned on on the dash? check perko if dual batteries. might follow wire leads going to power supply and check for loose connections or disconnections. check breakers and look for popped circuits.. good luck!

ericlee 06-03-2008 11:49 AM

Toggle switch is first guess, Next I would try the perko switch and make sure it is set to both batteries. It might be a dead battery. Hook up a battery charger or get a meter to see if your batteries are dead. Since everything is not working I would say its not a fuse and its one of the things I listed.

dubwake21 06-03-2008 12:09 PM

You may have an inline fuse somewhere in the mix too. Look for a thin plastic tube or square coming off of your wiring harness to your head unit and your amp.

damned04 06-03-2008 1:05 PM

Battery is a brand new fully charged blue top and none of the circuits were popped.

ericlee 06-03-2008 1:10 PM

Amps are ran off a remote wire to the radio. When the radio turns on the amps turn on, and they turn off when the radio turns off. If none of the system is working I would say it is something with your radio. Did you just put the battery in? If so I would check to make sure the positive and ground wires and wired in correctly to that terminal. If they are not then that would explain why EVERYTHING is not working. Check that and get back to us....

thesack 06-03-2008 2:17 PM

Also reset your breaker. When they trip, they do not always appear to be tripped. <BR> <BR>Have you tried to power on the HU after flipping the toggle? How old and what is your HU? Could just need to replace it, because it might have died during the winter for whatever reason.

himain10ance 06-04-2008 8:49 AM

Use a volt meter and make sure the deck is getting power. If not, start working your way back to the battery. if there is power to the deck and it is not turning on your deck is probably bad

himain10ance 06-04-2008 8:51 AM

use a volt meter and make sure the deck is getting power. if it is then probably the deck is bad. if it is not then look elsewhere

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