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echo_parker 06-02-2008 4:23 PM

What are your thought's on break in period? <BR> <BR>Hammerhead 383 <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance

polarbill 06-02-2008 5:36 PM

My roomate just got his 08 VLX with a Hammerhead a week or 2 ago. He works at a Malibu dealer and basically we just ran around the lake running the boat through its RPM range. He was told not to go above 4400 rpm in the first 10 hours. We did not wakeboard, surf or run any ballast. From what I have been told it is more important to do a good break in on the Hammerhead than other motors. Take it back in after 10 hours or so and have them take a look at it. Also keep a list of any problems that come up so you can get them fixed at the same time.

cavlxenvy 06-02-2008 6:39 PM

Be careful about the 4400 RPM mark. You can hit it REALLY easily. Do not let anyone else drive your boat. I promise you they will hit it.

boss210 06-03-2008 10:37 AM

if oil psi and temp are good after 2 to 3 hrs get in the water and board it. Dont run synthetic untill 100 hrs. Break in peroids are total BS. how many motorhomes and pick up trucks do you think get a break in before they are loaded? <BR> How many pro boats or boats they use in comps do get a break in? <BR> I happen to have many hours of tech training, ASE Master certified and have built several motors. None of witch had break ins and all of them run extremely well. Getting to the 20 hour mark that the mfg sudgests takes quite a long time and can ruin a good season behind your boat. <BR> I have a buddy with the hammer head engine and he has had no prolbems with it.He only went 5 hrs before he pulled anyone. He barefoots, skis, boards and surfs and out of all of them the bearfooting is the most extreme on a engine. WFO and with a load. He now has over 250 hrs and not a single prolbem,no oil consumption and no smoking. <BR> So tool around the lake if you want and listen to a lot of people who dont have any hands on experience but I will stand by the 4 hrs max breakin.

denverd1 06-03-2008 12:33 PM

"Break in peroids are total BS" -- I wouldn't totally agree with that, but obviously there is some room for error. Keep in mind, your average boat owner knows two things. 1. Where the key is 2. Where the throttle is. Sounds like the "break-in period" is padded for the average boat owners driving habits. <BR> <BR>That being said, the 383 is 350 w/ a stroked crank, a lopey cam and Al heads. The heads will be fine, but the cam and rings you'll want break in the right way. 3 to 4 hours may be fine, but I'd think twice before opening it up short of the 20 hr break-in.

denverd1 06-03-2008 12:39 PM

oh yea, your valves wouldn't mind it either, since they're at a higher compression than most. my .02.

bbeach 06-03-2008 1:16 PM

Tournament Team boats we unwrap em - put em in the water - hammer down a few times and shes' good to go!

echo_parker 06-03-2008 2:00 PM

Thank you, I have about 6.5 hours on the boat. The first 2 hours I never went over 3000,between 3 and 6 six I never went over 4000. <BR> <BR>Thanks for all your help.

rodmcinnis 06-03-2008 4:28 PM

When I took delivery of my 2003 SAN I was very careful to follow the owner's manual as far as break in. It was a pain, and my son was itching to ride, but the first weekend was very gentle on the boat. <BR> <BR>A few years later my son was in Florida and got a tour of the Correct Craft facility. There he discovered that as the boats are in process of being built there is a point where the running gear is in but none of the trim. At this point the boat is taken out to their dedicated lake and test run. <BR> <BR>And it isn't a gentle run. Basically stunt drivers putting the boat through maneuvers that the average person would never consider. <BR> <BR>So much for treating the engine gently...... <BR> <BR> <BR>Rod

deltawake 06-03-2008 7:45 PM

Rod- I have been to the Malibu factory , and had the same experience. They lake test every boat. I guarantee you that they don't even come close to obeying their own break in rules. That being said, we tend to break in our boats gently for the first eight hours or so.

hatepain 06-03-2008 8:09 PM

I didn't even come close to breaking in mine (Merc Black Scorpion) and I've had 0 problems with it to date with just over 102 hours. I actually filled up my ballast within about 5 minutes of launching it to check out the wake. Oh, and I didn't go back in for the 20 hour azz pounding either these newer motors don't need break in's whether it's your new truck, car or boat.

tanner 06-03-2008 8:51 PM

I don't think there's a single boat manufacturer out that doesn't water test EVERY boat before it leaves. I know Tige runs each boat for an hour before it leaves the factory, and then the dealers are supposed to run a full tank of gas through it before delivery.

cavlxenvy 06-03-2008 9:18 PM

These motors also have break in time from the original manufacturer before getting to the boat manufacturer.

boarder_x 06-03-2008 9:29 PM

hatepain, <BR> <BR> I didn't take mine in either. I just changed the oil, filter, and continued riding. Well, kinda. Went to Berryessa. Dropped off our stuff. Set up camp. Was pulling the first rider, and then hit a log. Bent my prop.... Oh well. Stuff happens. We had another boat there, and PLENTY of beer. <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

gti2lo 06-04-2008 4:03 PM

Break in was important years ago.. not with machining being computer controled the rings and sleeves don't required that break in period. <BR> <BR>Drive like normal.... don't hammer on it.. <BR> <BR>Do some boarding, surfing, skiiing.... maybe not put 4000 lbs of ballast in the boat.

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