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kevin_middleton 05-26-2008 2:28 PM

So, I like to use the top focus point when shooting wakeboarding (horizontal and vertical). To get the rider vs water perspective. But then I can't use the spot metering. Thoughts?

richd 05-26-2008 5:49 PM

Use one of the other metering modes and adjust your EC accordingly. I've never used spot metering for shooting WBing. If you know how your camera reacts to different lighting conditions it's relatively easy to adapt. <BR> <BR>You can shoot RAW until you have it dialed and adjust for under/over exposure in PP.

wakedad33 05-26-2008 6:03 PM

Damn Rich I need to roll down and hang in the boat with you... How did Chris do in the comp at Villa Logas?

richd 05-27-2008 7:27 AM

I don't know if he got down there, Bre had a bunch of lessons lined up for him this weekend. I heard it rained at shasta both days.

deltawake 05-27-2008 7:54 AM

Rich/ Randy- Chris was there- he had some big issues with the wake as did Josh. No sour grapes. Dan Bright killed it on the same wake. Justin Payton, Danny Weisenberg, and Jake Weaver also rode very well. The wake just wasn't ideal for Chris' and Josh's style of riding. The final INT at Villa Lagos will be pulled by the Malibu. Should be a nice "home field advantage" for Chris and Josh. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by deltawake on May 27, 2008)

peter_c 05-27-2008 8:33 AM

Use AE Lock to set the meter, then adjust your focus.

bakes5 05-27-2008 4:04 PM

Or just set it manually.....there is a nice little line in the viewfinder that tells you when the camera thinks it is metered correctly

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