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06-07-2001 7:59 PM

I tried an air roll tonight, almost landed the first one.. The first one was the best one.. It seems like my board wants to slide out on me when I make my hard cut to the outside.. Any suggestions? <BR> <BR>I'm having problems landing my HS frontside 5, I can spin all the way and sometimes I even over spin it, the problem is when I land I fall back towards the wake I just launched from... <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>brian

labambacho (junk) on Fri 06-08-2001 12:59 PM

Brian your ass is mine. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :0) <BR> <BR>i give you a 360 up tha ass with my legs crossed. <BR> <BR>and thats no joke when my legs are crossed you are lucky because my gasses will not be able to escape from this tiny brown dungeon. <BR> <BR>Or like me uncle would say: <BR> <BR>' an endless brown pitt were you can put in a lot of stuff.'

06-08-2001 9:49 PM


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