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inty399 05-24-2008 8:47 PM

A family wants me to scan in and then make a slideshow of their grandparents pictures they have in a tub. How much should I charge. I can make good slideshows but it is a pain to scan alot of picturs. How much should I charge? <BR> <BR>I know it is not wake related but it will help pay for gas money this summer.

rson 05-26-2008 11:54 AM

.25 a picture. or half what kinko's would charge. <BR> <BR>or look here: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.scancafe.com/pricing.php" target="_blank">http://www.scancafe.com/pricing.php</a>

xtremebordgurl 05-29-2008 6:37 PM

no. You're time is worth something. It's worth a lot. You have a skill they don't and you're doing more than just scanning. You're creatively putting a slideshow together. How many pictures? How much time are you going to spend on it? How well do you know these people?

kylek306 05-29-2008 6:58 PM

i agree with bess, your time is definitely worth something

inty399 06-04-2008 8:23 AM

it will be a very large slide show(all of their grandparents pics from their lifetime.) <BR> <BR>We are not very close with this family, we see them maybe once or twice a year. <BR> <BR>thanks guys.

chadgreg 06-04-2008 5:13 PM

Once you get all of the picts on your computer put them on an SD memory card and put it in a Nintendo Wii. It automatically creates a slideshow with some generic music that plays on the T.V. Kinda cool an easy.

xtremebordgurl 06-06-2008 7:54 AM

How many pics? I would say $200 sounds pretty fair to me, but it really depends I think on how many images, will you need to retouch any?

steezyshots 06-09-2008 3:33 PM

I would charge an hourly rate that you and they are comfortable with

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