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06-07-2001 1:12 PM

Hey I am getting jumping both the wakes with good air but when I got to do the flip I dont even make it half way across the wake what can i do to help me get across the wake when i do my flip? oh yeah I havent landed my flip yet

06-07-2001 2:41 PM

edge ALL the way through the wake, and make sure you get the pop by standing tall, its the same as a wake jump.

06-08-2001 1:03 PM

Flipps are simple as a pin to a magnet. <BR> <BR>You just put tha board in tha air. and pray for tha god to lead you into tha right possision. <BR> <BR>thrust me it's not easy to pray when your hands are to the handle. So you have to let go of tha handle and then ind a split second drop tha handle <BR>and stick your hands together and make a weird move and say:' GOd alaah aziz alaah. <BR> <BR>------------------------------------------------- <BR> <BR>For more questions about my wakeboarding experience send a message to. <BR> <BR><A HREF="mailto:Richard_blom30@hotmail.com">Richard_b lom30@hotmail.com</A>

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