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troutpac 05-20-2008 5:46 AM

Hey-Ive attempted a few air rolls in the flats by leaning back against the line and letting the the board fly around.Ive been charging the wake and hucking it for a while. Now I understand what loading the line is at least out in the flats. Is the technique the same when I take it to the wake. Can I attempt it from only 5-10ft from the wake just to get the feel at a slower speed.I have to get to work on Monday and cant afford to get hurt. Should I lean back as much when loading for a HS backroll or should I stop complaining and just try it.

bflat53212 05-20-2008 7:47 AM

Yes, 5-10ft is plenty.

rasta_rider 05-20-2008 12:50 PM

just go n try it @ ur regular speed.. bc if you are even remotely close to getting an air roll.. then you should be able to get one off the wake no problem. so u might as well just learn it @ ur normal speed and not slow the boat down. and 5-10 ft is fine just as long ur drifting in with at least a little speed cuz if u just start from there.. you will end up casing the wake unless you r riding in really short..

bflat53212 05-20-2008 1:17 PM

I totally disagree Kyle. If you load and release properly, this should be enough to help you clear the wake, without having to add extra speed to your cut. Just the opposite. Drift in then load and release at the wake.

troutpac 05-20-2008 3:51 PM

And release it off the top of the wake or while riding up the wake? Thanks

eyedvride 05-20-2008 4:12 PM


sidekicknicholas 05-23-2008 8:51 PM

watch froggy, like 80% of the tricks he throws start about 10ft out... he generates a ton of pop by doing this

troutpac 05-24-2008 5:35 AM

Froggy? I read another post that said something about the set up for a progressive edge(load and release trick). For a HS trick , cut out toe side fast so you advance on the boat,then turn your board in when you are going the same speed as the boat so you can load and release late at the wake.If you turn in too quick you'll have slack line and if you wait too long you'll have too much load and too much speed when you hit the wake(or get pulled off edge).I think I do this already but never really thought about it much.But especially on 360's ,once in a while I do have too much tension and get yanked.It makes sense but I never heard this before.

sidekicknicholas 05-24-2008 2:17 PM

Phillip Soven = Froggy

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