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06-07-2001 10:37 AM

As you can see from my profile, I don't have any problem getting air hs. But when I try to do a toeside wake jump, wake-to-wake, I just can't seem to clear it. I'm landing just before the second wake. Also, I don't seem to get very much air either. <BR> <BR>Seems harder for me to load the line cutting in Toe-side. FYI, I already have Detention I &amp; II but can't seem to transfer it to the water. What gives? Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

06-08-2001 7:34 AM

I wish I knew if you find out let me know too.

edge harder 06-08-2001 7:39 AM

Go wide and try a progressive cut developing speed to the wake, lean away (edge harder) from the boat when you get within 3' of the wake, and pull the rope hard on the POP half-way to your leading hip. This might force you into a 180, but you will definitely get air.

06-08-2001 9:43 AM

Perry, I spent all day at Charley Pattersons clinic working on toeside jumps. Still aren't that great but here's what I found to help. Make sure your hips are forward and you have good body position when you're cutting to the wake then look at the shoreline where your going not the wake. Pull the rope into your hip and stand tall at the same time. Good Luck.

06-08-2001 1:29 PM

Mike and Rick, thanks a ton. I'll certainly try your suggestions, I'm going for a couple of sets tonight. I want a strong foundation on TS wake jumps to build on later. <BR> <BR>I'll try my TS wake jumps switch as well, it'll help me learn faster. All in due time! And Matt, when I get it figured out I'll try to add to Mike and Ricks advice if that's possible. Thanks again...L8r <BR> <BR>-- perry

07-09-2001 4:05 PM

Guys, I've finally got it! Rick and Mike, thanks for your suggestions. I'm getting chest high on my hs jumps but still only about 4 feet on my ts jumps. But that's about a foot higher than what I was getting before. But now I can do ts w2w 180s! <BR> <BR>Riding a lot of switch prior to this allowed my to land the ts w2w 180 on my first attempt! Both your ideas helped me nail it down. Now I just have to polish the technique so I can get chest high on my ts jumps. Thanks dudes! -- perry

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