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erichune 05-12-2008 8:14 AM

I am going to set up a build your own wakeboard contest this summer with my friends. <BR>1. Some of the rules: Can't spend more than $25. <BR>2. None of the materials can be wakeboard related. <BR>3. Must build a wakeboard (no wakeskates) <BR>3. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS??? <BR> <BR>Categories <BR>1. Most usable <BR>2. Most unique <BR>3. Worst <BR>4. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS??? <BR> <BR>Any tips on what I should use to build mine???

bobert 05-12-2008 9:37 AM

Sounds like fun, I would probably just use whatever board I found laying around, nail some shoes to it and call it good. Definitely post pics of the boards!

zirb3l 05-12-2008 9:55 AM

if this is over the interweb ill igive it a try and send pics to ya!

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