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trickyboarder08 05-08-2008 2:53 PM

What does this thing do?

K.B.C. 05-08-2008 2:57 PM

it's for your rear foot when you surf

ogopogo 05-08-2008 3:01 PM

just bought 2.

srh00z 05-08-2008 3:22 PM

I bought two last go around. They are nice, I have them on a skimboard that I plan to wakesurf with this year. The board is kind of short, but it should work for line surfing at the very least.

ogopogo 05-08-2008 3:33 PM

That's all I have been buying for wakesurfing, Min size is 51". Way cheaper then buying a new wakesurfer and they are very similar to something like a phase five, just gotta put fins and traction pads on em....

timmyb 05-08-2008 5:00 PM

The Dakine traction is awesome too! I bought some for a skimboard that we made and then I picked up 2 more, I am going to put 1 on my CWB Ride and see if that works better than the crappy traction it came with.

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