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jesse13 05-07-2008 4:10 PM

Does anyone have any feedback/opinions about these? I'm getting ready to buy one within the next couple of days and was looking for some advice. Thanks <BR><a href="http://airboom.com/aireal_3d_towers.html" target="_blank">http://airboom.com/aireal_3d_towers.html</a>

tjs_ccc 05-07-2008 4:25 PM

We have installed over 30 of these on various different boats over the last 3 years. (Stern drives, jet boats, inboards, v-drives and even a couple deck boats). They work very and we have had no failures or returns I am aware of. Ron does a good job of building a tower that looks good, works good and holds up. He builds a lot of other cool stuff too. If you need it installed, give us a call....we are 15 miles from where they are built.

denverd1 05-07-2008 4:25 PM

The older air booms are sturdy towers. Rode a lot with a buddy that had one on a cc 2001 and it was solid with 4 boards and a few cans on it. I would expect the newer ones to be good too. Looks great for a universal tower. <BR> <BR>What boat?

jesse13 05-07-2008 5:23 PM

Its for a 98 Air Nautique. It has the stock tower still and I just want something a little more up to date. <BR> <BR>What do you think about 13th floor towers?

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